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Portable Hotspot | 4G LTE WiFi Connection | Skyroam Solis

I am a sailor. I use Skyroam Solis Portable Hotspot in every port! It is Fast in 4G LTE signal strength!

Why Skyroam Solis?
On board Oil tankers, Smartphone, Cameras, Smart watches and Non EX. or Non Intrinsically safe devices are prohibited outside the Tanker Ship’s accommodation spaces. It’s a dangerous device that can cause fire on board!
As a resourcefulness, some make their expensive smartphone as portable hotspot!

High Speed Portable HotspotSkyRoam Solis – My Ultimate Solution To Limited Data Connection in Ports.

If you take look at the above photographs, Did you do it once or are still doing it now? Which one do you prefer if you need to choose?

The truth is, Smartphone will be useless if you set it only as a portable hotspot. (unless you are well off enough to have 2 Smartphones).

If your budget is tight and you can’t resist having an unlimited internet connectivity, Think of a cheaper and more effective alternative.

If you’re a sailor, a traveler or a businessmen? Get the Skyroam Solis Portable Hotspot. Your solution to continuous data connection.

Here are some comparison between Smartphone as a portable hotspot and Skyroam Solis 4G LTE (Virtual Sim) Portable hotspot!

Price: Smartphones (High End) worth $800 to $1200.

-Every port you need to change sim card for $20-$45 each

-Battery drains out faster

-More Data consumption

Skyroam Solis – $130 to $150 per unit. Day Pass, Carrying case can be purchase separately.

-No Sim required. Skyroam Solis works with Virtual sim and it can connect up to 130 plus countries and counting.

-Go Data Subscription for 1GB $9 or 8 Euros

-Day Pass – is a 24 hours unlimited 4G LTE high speed Internet connection (4G speed may vary from every countries) Take note that using a 24Hrs Day pass High speed data, for the first 500MB the device will automatically switch on to 2G or 3G coonnection. It means you can still make calls on messenger and Skype. But youtube streaming will be throttled.

-Battery life is amazingly longer!

-Pay as you go, Don’t pay if you don’t!

-WiFi 4G LTE and a Power bank. It Charge your Smartphone on the go!

-Can connects up to 5 Devices

4G LTE High Speed WiFi ConnectionSkyroam is Safe Onboard Oil Tankers

There are two things I like more on Skyroam Solis.

First – The “Go Data Subscription”! This a 1GB Subscription package that is good for 1 month! It’s worth $9! Why? If I can’t consume the whole 1GB and our ship sail out for another port? I can still use the remaining data at the next port of call! That’s for another Country!

Second – I can set Go data Subscription to automatic renewal. I can still buy a go data subscription even without a load as long as you’re connected to the Hotspot.
I use PayPal payment method for topping up my load.

Skyroam Solis – Connect Your Laptop and Smartphone

Thinking about on buying Skyroam Solis?

When you’re in port where network signal are within range, Skyroam gets you covered and going! You can connect everywhere!

“With Skyroam Solis, I never had any problem with data connection anymore! I can connect to my Family and Friends, Chat and interacts with them through Messenger call and video calls. I already tested it in Europe (Any ports in Europe), United Kingdom. The South East Asia: Philippines, Korea and Singapore.

The Americas: Canada, America and South America – Chile, Peru and Panama Canal. West Coast Mexico And lastly West Africa – Lagos Nigeria and counting.

This is a very important gadget for me. As a Sailor who travel from one port to another, Its almost important as my travel documents like passport and seaman’s book”.

For those Sailors who travels around the world, Those who are unlucky enough to have good high speed data connection on board and in ports, I recommend Skyroam Solis is a MUST have gadget in partner to your smartphone, tablet and laptop computers.”

There’s more!

Here is another good news for you!

Skyroam Solis recently upgraded. Meet the smarter Skyroam Solis X. Click HERE for more details or you can Buy both Skyroam Solis and the new Skyroam SOLIS X HERE.

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Affiliate Disclosure: All links are redirected to the official website of Skyroam Solis. Their Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition applies. As one of their affiliates, and end user of Skyroam Solis. It’s my honor to share my great experienced using this very helpful device.