Where can you buy Car gadgets and Accessories Online?

The Car Gadgets Collection

Let say some always have the same interests. What’s your interest in life or rather say what’s your passion. Passion in a sense that you really like or love what you’re doing. Car gadgets and accessories for example. If your passion is all about cars, it may be in the area of troubleshooting, cleaning, upgrade, modification or simply adding features in it! Car gadgets collection in general cover a lot of things. It may include repair tools, scanning tool, emergency tools, electronic gadgets like dash cameras, head up displays, LED bulbs, Seat covers, back seat storage, Steering wheel covers and a lot more accessories that can be found online.
At all for one click shop car gadgets collection, We offer many kinds of car gadgets, accessories and various repair or emergency tools online. We carefully import these accessories and tools from our own preference, We select it from our trusted and verified suppliers. When we say verified, we carefully check their high trust rating and excellent shipping performance from different merchants worldwide.
Here are the lists of our imported products and offer it with great deals online.
This is useful for all car owners who drive everyday for work. Air compressor is very compact and portable tool that can be use anytime whenever our car tires went under pressure or flattened. Car air compressor operate with own 12 Volts battery or through cigarette lighter socket. Use the socket provided along with compressor unit and additional crocodile clip for battery connection. Make your road trip a hassle free trip. Select the best car portable air compressor online.
This OBD2 Diagnostic may only be use when trouble light triggered. This is a very common beliefs so we thought the necessity is less important. But having a reliable diagnostic tool in car trunk is recommended. If you’re well off enough to have it, you should and must have it. OBD2 diagnostic scanner is the only tool that can scan directly your car ECU (Engine Computer Unit). Most car models that are newer than 1995 have ECU installed. It doesn’t matter if your car is a European, American or Asian models. OBD data link connector is always located somewhere inside the driver side area.
It is better to have a record than just making a story on what happened on a road accident. You read it right! Car DVR Dash Camera records your trip whenever your car engine started, driving, until it engine off. A camera installed in a car for this purpose not only gives additional beauty but in fact it save you from any false statement on what really happened on a road accident. Data recorded in a DVR Dash camera serve as an evidence that facilitate investigation. There are lots of DVR Cameras that sell in the market today. Rear view installed DVR dual camera is one of the latest model even in online stores.
Cleaning your own car is a challenge especially if you haven’t done it even once. But its not the end of days yet! This is just a basic task that doesn’t really need expertise. Get the right and easy to operate equipment and you’re ready to go. Consider the use of a portable vacuum cleaner. This portable vacuum cleaner is powered by own car’s battery source. Plugged it in a cigarette lighter socket (12V) and you’re ready to do your cleaning task. Do this when car engine is warming up, it won’t take 10 minutes to get rid of that dust and debris.
Is this something new? This is not an ordinary display that adds beauty to your car interiors. Head Up display is helpful if you’re driving in a highway that has a maximum regulated speed limit. If you’re car has cruise control function, it may not be an option to have one. The important thing why you should install one head up display is, It keep your head up and eyes on the road all the time as the speed information is displayed right in front of you through the windshield. This head up display doesn’t only show your speed, It includes Revolution Per Minute (RPM), Battery Voltage, Cooling water temperature and estimated Fuel Consumption. How? Head up display interfaces through your car OBD2 data link connector. It display information from car’s Electronic Computer Unit (ECU) and display it through your windshield by reflection from the HUD or Head Up Display unit. It goes on when engine started, it goes off automatically when engine turned off. Keep it connected to the OBD2 port located underneath your car steering wheel right above the brake pedal.
Be organize inside your car, as a driver you do not really need this back seat organizer bag. This is ideal for your family member as they’re in the second or third rows depends on the size of the car. A lot of things can be put into an organizer bag. Smartphone, power bank, bottled water, tissues and more. Instead of putting it all in the door pocket, This organizer bag lets you keep them all in front of the passenger. Easy install at the back on a driver and passenger seats. In order to be more useful and convenient, a minimum of two organizers should be available in every rows of the car. Get your backseat organizer HERE:
Enhance your steering wheel grip, install an additional cover on it. When body temperature adapts car cabin temperature, It become dry causing an inefficient grip to the car steering wheel. By covering it with PU or genuine leathers, steering wheel thickens resulting to a better grip. Better grip gives better driving performance. Have you ever experienced that your hands slipped from the wheel? It always happened during the midst of your driving.
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Black Friday Shopping

Less than 2 months from now, Its Black Friday again. As a shopify merchant, It is a day to compete with fellow online sellers. Everyone is marking their calendar now for November 23, 2018.

This is one of the biggest shopping day for online shoppers worldwide. How can a newly develop online shop compete with a thousands of merchants out there? How to prepare our online shop for this kind of shopping spree?

Are we even ready to offer our products online despite of the market competition? Better said than done! But we’ll try our best to offer the best products and prices kn black Friday.

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Our OBD diagnostic scanner products are shipped via DHL express. Allow us 2-3 working days to ship your package after checkout. We prefer paypal payment express or other credit card options if customers doesn’t have paypal account. With Paypal both the buyer and seller are well protected.


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What are you thinking for a change?

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What is the Best Upgrade for your Car?

The question is, What kind of upgrade are you up to? Are you a DIY troubleshooting and repair obsessed car owner? If so, Why don’t you take a second thought on having a Car OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool for professional for your own use? Car OBD2 Diagnostic Tools now are very popular at all for one click shop. A very impressive car analyzing scan tool that use by most professional mechanic, Car automotive shop and some car owners. You can have them too at best value offer. But first, What is a Car diagnostic scan tool for? Car Diagnostic Scan tool easily detect faults on car engines on board computer. It works from any car year models from 1996 up to the latest models in the market today. Better than ratchet, More reliable than multi tester that works only with currents and volts. With OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool, You can diagnose your car anytime by following the detailed instruction manual that comes along with the OBD2 Tool. For free shipping delivery get your first OBD2 Scan tool at online gmall now! Click HERE for more info:

Car Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool
OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool