Nano Beach, Calatagan Batangas

Nano beach is located south of Stilts beach resorts. It takes only 15 to 20 minutes economical drive from the main road just after we exited from Stilts beach resorts Sta Ana, Calatagan Batangas.

If you’re looking for an affordable overnight experience without air conditioning system, Old style Nipa Hut cottage? It was a generous act that someone rented it for us. One rental for overnight cottage like ours worth P1,500. Thanks to the generosity of our friend who paid for the rental.

The Beach front offers sands but the seabed compose of corals and weeds. This is the sea status during high water (High tide). The Photo was taken during the morning while the sea was calm. This photo was also taken on the afternoon before sundown. It was low water (Low tide). If you’re fond of shrimps, Calamares or squid hunting during the night, This is a good experience and adventure. Just bring your high end flashlights to see them during darkness.

Facing the sea, On your right side, You can see the Cape Santiago Lighthouse on a background sunset. The view is awesome if you love watching the sunset.cape santiago

If you’re a family of five, One Nila hut cottage is enough to accommodate you all. With one Electric fan working on the corner, plus double elevated or loft bed for two persons. With common toilet, basic bowl and a shower room in one.

If you’re taking the overnight for seven to eight depending on every persons size, There is an available tent to rent worth P500 It is enough for a 3 medium size persons. We brought our own tent during our last visit. But due to our numbers, We still needed to rent one.

Car Park? There is no worries as the beach has a wide cattle farm before it. It can accommodate large number of cars more than we expected.

During our stay, There are roughly 10 to 15 cars parked in a single line along the beach entrance. There is no park coordinator, so you can park anywhere. Just avoid the cattle and goats.

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Stilts Beach Resorts at Calatagan Batangas

Searching for a getaway week end beach experience? Stilts beach resorts is one my recommended place as we head just been there!

Stilts beach resorts is located 145km from Manila. Under the municipality of Calatagan, Batangas Philippines.

How to get there? By private transportation, We exited at Santa Rosa South Luzon Expressway via Tagaytay city. It was a wrong exit actually, We should exited at MCX then took the Daang Hari road, Molino and turn left in Aguinaldo highway or Via Amadeo,Cavite.

Stilts poolStilts offer an alternative swimming pools of your choices and the beach itself. Probably the kids will enjoy it as they preferred the fresh water rather than the taste of the sea.

Stilts BeachEnjoy the semi crystal clear cold water as far as 100 meters and 4 feet deep. The bottom composed of pure sands and some parts are weeds. Don’t mind the seaweed as they’re harmless.

Stilts sandsIf you’re fond of white sands, Stilts beach resorts can offer you the same. It isn’t exactly the same as Boracay fine sands but at least it’s almost close to it. You can still enjoy the natural view as there is no fixed and bigger establishment that may contaminate the water.

The cottages rates click here to lead you to their website. A thing of Beauty, Nature, Peace, blessings, Dreams, Wishes? All this Stilts Beach resorts can possibly offer.

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Hyundai Grand Starex – Black Smoke, Rattling sound and Loss of Power

Have you ever encountered a tail pipe black smoke, Engine knock like a rattling ratchet followed by a sudden loss power?

I was driving from Calatagan via the Nasugbu, Tagaytay road at high speed when all of a sudden, a sound like a rattling noise of a ratchet, black smoke and sudden loss of power was encountered.
I immediately parked on the road side and checked what went wrong. I opened the hood, It looks everything was just fine and in normal condition. Temperature was 86 Degrees C ( HUD* Information ). Cooling water level was good, No any sign of leaks.

I tried to restart the engine, It started, but the black smoke and rattling sound still there! I was sure that something’s really wasn’t right!

Petron value card was reliable. They managed to arrange the towing service after valid verification of my Petron Value Card.

After approximately 30 minutes that I didn’t do anything on the Car 🚗, and while waiting for the towing service from Silang, Cavite, I started the Car one more try!

With luck and good fortune, The car started normally! As if there was nothing happened!

I manage to reached Twin Lakes at 1500 RPM as an observatory acts.

As soon as I arrived Twin Lakes, I called m back again the Petron hotline and canceled the incoming towage service. They confirmed without any additional information needed. They even called back and advised that if I need any additional help, They should be inform soonest to arrange another service!

Thanks to Petron customer service provider. The card has a real value honestly. #Petronvaluecard

We arrive at Marikina without any reoccurrence of black smoke, rattling sound and loss of power!

As a peace of mind, I still need to check my injectors o rings. It might suck or insufficient air that cause the loss of power at high speed. Insufficient air and fuel ratio equals insufficient combustion. Air in the fuel line causes knocks. At high speed, It make sense but further test should be very crucial.


Important reminders:

Petron value card – You should always bring along with you whereever you go. It will save you the minimum allowed tow service of 3,000 pesos. Secondly, They need the value card number for verification purposes.

Petron Hotline: 02 4594735

*HUD – Head Up Display Can display RPM, Real time speed, Battery Voltage or Cooling water Temperature as shown on cluster.

Black Smoke, Rattling sound and loss of power is back to normal.

•Following the recent issue that I just encountered a few days ago. Here is the latest results of my Car injectors after we did some slight adjustment at awons corps auto supply.

We found out that there is loose socket connection on number 4 injector.When vibration occurs at high speed, It cause number 4 injector to stop due to intermittent disconnection. We discovered also a slight  loose nuts tightness on fuel high pressure lines allowing the system to suck air and mixed with the fuel. This causes fuel knocks like a rattling sounds.

Thankfully, The unit is back in normal operating condition even at 5000 RPM in park mode. Revolution is very smooth up to the red line.

Is Ecommerce for sailors too?

Life on board an Oil Tanker vessel without the help of social media is too difficult. I got my employment onboard wayback 1993 when post mail was only the main communication with our families and friends. It takes weeks or even months before we can established a question and answer flow of communications. That was acceptable as in it was the only way! Satellite communication was too expensive to use except if it necessarily needed.

Social media helps us a lot in terms of continuous communication with our families and friends. Our communication means mainly through Facebook, Messenger and emails. Life is easier with these platforms.

How about Ecommerce? In the beginning, I used to buy online. Whenever i have data connections, I searched many things online. I search through Google any keywords of my interest. With google, I can find almost anything! From car trouble shooting, Men’s accessories or even things to resell online.

As a sailor, not so many have interest in having business online. Whenever I am on vacation, I started selling online refurbished and second hand items. I register on a local buy and sell site, Post pictures and make a deal.

Things changed, I launched my first online store on June 2017. Online Gmall is powered by shopify. I started on trial account until I discovered the suitability for me as an active sailor. I decided to launched officially.

I would say, Ecommerce is for everyone even for me as a sailor in profession. I started with a very limited knowledge managing online business but as the time, days and months pass by, I learned many things and even visualized the potentiality of ecommerce to any sailor who have interest in online business is very considerable.

About online Gmall. It is manage by an active master mariner, A sailor by profession who sell online car gadgets, Men’s clothing, women’s outfit, Home decors and many more.

To see more in about Online Gmall, visit us at or like our FB page:


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