The Skyroam Solis Global Wifi

As a sailor, Data connection is always a big deal. Every port we visited we hope that a data sim card is always available for purchase. Oil tanker vessel berth are always located a little bit farther than any other terminals for other type of ships.

With skyroam global wifi, I have always 4G connection.

I bought this thru online. Interested? Click here to get one and check for details. Start getting rid of those sim cards now. Changing sim every port is sometimes annoying. For a value of $9 per 24 hours day-pass. You will probably enjoy the 4G connection if you buy the skyroam solis model. And wait, there’s more! It is not only a wifi but its also a power bank. It’s a 2 in 1 package.

Get your skyroam global wifi now and be connected around the world with no roaming charges. This is a mush have gadget for every seafarers who travels around the world. It has virtual sim that can be connected up to 100 plus countries coverage around the world. You’ll never buy another sim card again. You can check the country of coverage on their website.

As I manage an ecom-business and data connection is the main factor for my routine updates, Skyroam is my partner in business, Family and friends communication. Try it and you’ll see the difference.

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Game Of Thrones Season 8

Game of Thrones Season 8 –

When will it be release? As a matter of fact, patience. As there is still no exact date or news when. I watched the Game of Thrones Seasons 1 to Seasons 7. Its been half of the 2018 and yet still remains unknown!

Some says it will be release by june or July 2018, Some say it will be release on 2019. Whenever will that be. I just have to wait.. Continue reading Game Of Thrones Season 8

Welcome! From Paris to Marseille France


Bienvenue a Paris!

After a 2 continuous flight via Qatar Airways Flt A380 from Manila to Paris Via HIA Qatar.

I landed in Paris! The first time to fly on one of the biggest aircraft in history. The next was interesting, I took the TVG train all the way down farthest south to Marseille – St Charles Station. It is also one of the fastest land transportation I’ve ever boarded! And it’s quite real fast as we passed by cars speeding on approximately more than a 100 km/hr so easy!

Let’s take a look at the beauty of French countryside all the way down to Marseille. It is really full of greeneries! It’s an exhaustive travel indeed but the experience was awesome! It’s rare for a joining sailor to cross the French countryside via land transportation but I just made it!

I ended up at Marseille – St Charles where our taxi driver was waiting for my arrival. I don’t have so much delays in passing the immigration as I hold a valid schengen Visa. Then finally boarded the vessel of my assignment. Continue reading Welcome! From Paris to Marseille France

OBD2 Diagnostic Tools – Autel 519A

Car OBD Scanner

Car models are now equipped with electronic control technologies that are more a than mechanically controlled cars. These datas are transferred to a computer system from a sensors. Sometime sensors tends to fail.

If you have trouble locating your car Malfunction Indicator Lights Or hesitant bringing your car in automotive centers due to high scanning cost. This is it! Don’t let your MIL or Malfunction Indicator Lights or Check Engine light on and disregard it for a long time. With OBD2, basic car troubles can be located instantly.

What is OBD2 Reader or scanner?

OBD2 Means On Board Diagnostic or Diagnostic Scanner / Reader. Through DLC or Data Link Connector, This tool helps scan your Engine ECU stored DTC’ and gives a driver or mechanic an instant analyzed troubleshoot theough this code and its meaning. DTC reader adapt OBD2 compliant vehicle mostly 1996 and above car models.

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Reshma Optical – Padre Paterno Street Quiapo, Manila

If you’re looking for an affordable or high end optical products, I recommend Reshma Optical supply. Taken from the owner’s name Madam Reshma. It’s been my 3rd time visits in their shop. The shop size is not as big as we think but it is enough to supply our needs.

How to get there? It is so easy! If you’re from manila just take note of at the above address in the picture. All the details that you need either you go by car, Grab or passenger Jeepney. You can’t be lost! If you go by LRT 1 Get down at Carriedo Station and you’re only 200 meters away. Make sure you will head toward Quiapo church not Santa Cruz church.

Rehsma Optical Supplies have limited branded frames. They have Bolon (My Choice) and a lot of class A frames too.  Having an eyeglass, Reading glass, Correction glass, Progressive or transition eye wear. That is always depend on how much budget did you set aside for your EYES! Are you ready to invest for your eyes?

As for me, when it comes to the eyes, I prefer the better one. Of course better means more expensive. I’ve chosen Crizal drive, its progressive with transition effect lenses. It has real value but its worth the money! Its an investment that shouldn’t be taken it for granted. It’s our asset so I think a better lenses bears better results! Adjustment doesn’t took that long. My eyes has never been fresher ever. Even during driving, I cans say that there is a big difference.

George Aguilor – is an ative sailor, Master Mariner on Oil Tankers. Owner of ONLINE Gmall that sells Car Gadgets and Accessories , Men’s clothing accessories, Home decors and more. Clieck here to visit website.

Hidden Valley Spring Resorts – Calauan Alaminos Laguna Philippines

Are you planning for a week end getaway and stay away from city’s air pollution? But fed up on searching online where to stay? I recommend Hidden Valley Spring and experience a tropical rainforest adventures. Trekking to Hidden Falls. Swim on a warm pool. Soak in a cold water fall at Soda pools I and II. Enjoy and swim with quiet surrounding at lovers pool.

How to reach Hidden Valley? Hidden Valley is located at Barangay Calauan, Alaminos Laguna. 86 Km South of Manila or Marikina City area. I drived all the way to SLEX then took the Santo Tomas, Batangas exit. If you depart from Marikina at 04:30 Lt, allowing only one breakfast stop over, You will arrived Hidden Valley spring resorts at 07:15 LT. They start receiving guest at 07:30 LT. Take note, Don’t go late in order not to miss the morning view, I can say it is the best time to be there while still very quiet.

How much do you need for a day tour? Adults – $50 or 2,500 Pesos Kids below 11 YO – $25 or 50% Off discount. Prices includes 1 Buffet lunch between 11:30 to 14:30 Lt and 1 Snack time from 15:00 to 17:00 Lt. The best time to view the hidden falls is when the weather is dry and during the morning. Its a 15 to 20 minutes trekking. While enroute you’ll pass the lovers pool. The coldest pool in the valley. It’s about 8 minutes walk from soda pool II.

All the pools have a very clear spring overflowing waters, walled by and finished with brick-stone, It has sandy bottom. You can see it through the bottom. See our trekking route: Part 1 and Part 2

The hidden falls is located in between rocks. The water is really clear and cold. They preserved it well by not allowing anyone to take a bath. you can only hear the sound of the water falls and birds humming around.

Hidden valley spring resorts entrance is about 3 kms from the national highway in Alaminos, Laguna. The area’s asset offers a real greenery that means fresh air.

If you want a real fresh and rain forest experience, I recommend Hidden Valley Spring resorts. It’s a quiet place, People who work there are hospitable and respectful. It’s really peaceful, a perfect getaway weekend. Next time, We’ll try to stay overnight.

CGPA – George Aguilor – Active Sailor and Master Mariner on Oil Chemical Tanker vessels. Online Gmall owner, Seller of Car gadgets and accessories including OBD2 Scan tools, Genuine leather Bags for Men and Women plus Aromatherapy Oil Humidifiers.

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Nano Beach, Calatagan Batangas

Nano beach is located south of Stilts beach resorts. It takes only 15 to 20 minutes economical drive from the main road just after we exited from Stilts beach resorts Sta Ana, Calatagan Batangas.

If you’re looking for an affordable overnight experience without air conditioning system, Old style Nipa Hut cottage? It was a generous act that someone rented it for us. One rental for overnight cottage like ours worth P1,500. Thanks to the generosity of our friend who paid for the rental.

The Beach front offers sands but the seabed compose of corals and weeds. This is the sea status during high water (High tide). The Photo was taken during the morning while the sea was calm. This photo was also taken on the afternoon before sundown. It was low water (Low tide). If you’re fond of shrimps, Calamares or squid hunting during the night, This is a good experience and adventure. Just bring your high end flashlights to see them during darkness.

Facing the sea, On your right side, You can see the Cape Santiago Lighthouse on a background sunset. The view is awesome if you love watching the sunset.cape santiago

If you’re a family of five, One Nila hut cottage is enough to accommodate you all. With one Electric fan working on the corner, plus double elevated or loft bed for two persons. With common toilet, basic bowl and a shower room in one.

If you’re taking the overnight for seven to eight depending on every persons size, There is an available tent to rent worth P500 It is enough for a 3 medium size persons. We brought our own tent during our last visit. But due to our numbers, We still needed to rent one.

Car Park? There is no worries as the beach has a wide cattle farm before it. It can accommodate large number of cars more than we expected.

During our stay, There are roughly 10 to 15 cars parked in a single line along the beach entrance. There is no park coordinator, so you can park anywhere. Just avoid the cattle and goats.

CGPA – Sailor/ Owner of Online Gmall and Allforoneclickshopdotcom Seller of men and women leather bags, wallets and belts. Interest: Car gadgets and accessories. Trouble shooting research. Instagram: @onlinegmall