Car LED Headlights Bulb

Is it really necessary to replace Car Headlight Bulbs with LED bulbs?

If you find yourself driving at night is better than driving during daylight, Yes! Is your vision clear enough to see the road, road curvature ahead or road improvement signages? If not so due to low brightness of your existing headlight bulbs, Your car headlights bulbs might need replacement! What type of bulb should replace the stock headlights bulb? I recommend the latest LED type H7 bulbs. This type of bulbs gives a bright whiter light than the original stock bulbs light. The LED headlights bulbs now are very famous. Most of the latest car models uses LED headlights bulb. For example Asian cars Mazda and or German car BMW models uses LED bulbs on their headlights. Most car owners of older models are now replacing their headlights with LED bulbs. If your car still uses the old headlights and don’t know how to replace it, nor where to find it? No worries, click HERE to watch the video and HERE to check more information about LED bulbs for cars.

You can replace your old headlight bulb without difficulty if you have basic knowledge in electrical wire and watched the video. Or have them replace by a professional elctronic mechanics nearby your place.

What are the advantages of LED headlights? Here are some good highlights and reviews why do you need to replace your car headlight bulb now:

1. Lower power consumption is one of the advantage of LED against the stock Car headlight.

2. LED headlights is far brighter than the original headlight giving a better vision especially driving on darkness.

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Use the Car Portable Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Car

You clean your car everyday, wash it every time when it become dirty, You wipe the dashboard when accumulated dust is thick. How effective is your cleaning? Did you get rid of all the dirts and dust? Or did the car wash service center did the good cleaning job?

Cleaning your own car is challenging, It will ruin your busy schedule, important meeting and more. But if there’s a machine that help you clean easier, Try cleaning it by yourself! It gives you fulfillment. Why? You bought the car with your hard earned money, isn’t it good to take care of it personally once in a while?

How to wash and clean your car effectively?

First , Start from the interiors, remove all the mattings from the driver’s floor, passenger floor and all stuffs that aren’t there when your car was new.

Remove all dirts, garbages that are reachable by your fingers. Then vacuum it, Do not use the household vacuum cleaner it’s too big and it make you feel lazy, use the portable vacuum cleaner for car instead. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner helps you clean effectively! This portable vacuum cleaner is powered by car 12V connected on a cigarette lighter socket and has a very powerful 120W consumption.

This vacuum comes with a multiple interchangeable suction nozzle that can penetrate even the narrowest canal inside a car. This vacuum cleaner is ideal for aircon ventilation outlets, under the car seats, Seat covers, underneath the carpet and narrow door side pockets. Are you done cleaning? Not yet.

Second, Wash the floor mats outside, soaped it or or vacuum it depending on the mat materials. Some uses rubber mat so it’s not necessary to vacuum it. Dampened a soft cloth and begin wiping the dashboard, Door windows trim and entertainment panels. You can use chemicals or cleaning spray if you want to.

Third, Wash the exterior, make sure all windows are rolled up to avoid water spillage inside the car. Start from the top to bottom, leave the tires for the last stage. Wet all over the car and apply soap or foam, It’s either directly or put some on a bucket and wipe it thoroughly and evenly then rinse all foam remain with water spray. Normal spray hose and nozzle will do better.

Clean and wipe the tires and rims with remaining soap in the bucket, don’t forget to wash under the mud guard.

Fourth, Drying time. Use a dry or absorbent pads, you can easily get rid of the water by using it. Congratulations! You just did a good cleaning job to your own car!

Where can you find a portable wet and dry vacuum cleaner for car?

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Full Grain Genuine Leathers

Why Full Grain Genuine Leathers?

There’s a lot of leather grades available in the market or online shop. Full grain leather has the highest grade of all leathers. The most common is the famous top grain and genuine leather materials. That is why the prices of a full grain leathers are higher compare to the top grain and or genuine leathers. Full Grain Leather certainly offers the finest look, strength and durability.

The origin of full grain leather comes from the outer part of animal skin. Where no or very little alteration or modification had been done to remove imperfections. The top grain leather is just another layer of the whole animal skin next to the full grain leather. The genuine leather as commonly offered in the market is the last layer of the skin.

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Where do you really keep your laptop safe during your travels? Some prefer to put it in a backpack bag and bring it out when needed for security control. The briefcase offer easy carry. It is provided with shoulder strap aside from having a hand grip. As long travel requires easy carry, Having a shoulder strap is easier to bring wherever you go. You can either choose if you will place it in-front of your body or from the side depending on your comfort.

To summarize, all this type of leathers are genuine leathers. Full grain, Top grain or Genuine leathers, The texture and quality will certainly make the difference. Mostly online manufacturers and sellers describe their leathers as all genuine. No questions about that, knowing its differences is really important.

If you’re looking for a good quality type of genuine leathers, I recommend searching the full grain leathers.

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Full Grain Genuine Leather

Photo source: Google / Blog Irteka – Full grain and top grain leather

Full Grain Leather

What’s with full grain genuine leather? why is so called the best among leathers? Think about the thickness of the normal cow leather or the layers of the processed leather. The full grain leather is the best grade leather as this type of leather wasn’t altered or refined. Thus resulting to a better strength and durability that last overtime.

Top grain Leather

The top grain leather is next to the full grain leather in terms to quality of material. It offers almost the same strength and durability as the full grain leather but it will never be the same. The top grain leather refined with slight alteration due to scratches or buffed to hide away natural imperfections during the processed.

Genuine Leather

The Genuine leather is not as good as the full grain and top grain leathers but it was made from a real leather as well. It is always vary and depends on the top coat they used during the process. Although this is the least quality products from the real leather, It follows both the top grain and full grain leather in durability and strength.

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Finding the right leather materials always depend on each buyers choice. If you think full grain leather meet your satisfaction and for quality wise, go for the full grain type as it offers the most durability and elegance. We didn’t say genuine leather aren’t good but if you seek a better material other than leathers, its always be the right choice.

Finally, all genuine leathers are durable, The only thing that differs is which will last longer? Well, It is always depend on how we used and take care of leather materials. Don’t wash and sun dry. Leather contains a natural oil that maintain softness and water resistance. Handle it with care by re-greasing to preserved its original texture.

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Sources: Quora/Google


Black Friday Shopping

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What are the common cause of Gastritis and or Duodenitis? What foods that are good relief of Gastritis?

This first and second symptoms of a Gastritis and Duodenitis.

Before the first symptom, I love to eat spicy food very often, sour food, red meat (medium or well cooked), Vegetable salads, White cheese, yellow Cheese (Mozzarella) buttered salted foods not to mention the early morning Coffee Cappuccino on an empty stomach after a glass of water.

Symptoms: A severe pain on upper central abdomen to the lower part Chest bone, a noticeable bulging abdomen, Bloated, un-reasonable Constipation and Diarrhea, heavy breathing, couldn’t lie down, it only get better if my upper body was on slightly slanted position. In other words Stomach discomfort.

I only felt relieved after a help of Med Solution’s medical advise.

By taking Omeprazole 1 x 20 mg per day every morning on an empty stomach 1 hour before breakfast. It took 14 days of medication of Omeprazole tablet.

The Second symptoms hit back 2 days later after 14 days medication. That time it was more painful and it took 2 consecutive evening until morning from approximately 2100Hrs to 0400 Hrs.

What did i ate? As far as I can remember, I ate snack in the morning 1 Mamon Bread( made up of butter, milk and wheat) A lunch of Pork Sour soup, Pork Chopped with soy sauce full of typical filipino salsa and hot green Chili pepper. At dinner, a butter cooked Crab and one bite of butter cookies at 2000hrs.

It all started at 2100 Hrs, At first, I thought it was just a mild cold, It started with slight pain in my central abdomen. I drank a cup of green tea with honey hoping for temporary relief. The symptoms persisted terribly! When I could no longer hold the pain, I called for emergency shore medical check up at Caldera, Chile. It was winter and chilly. It was very fortunate that our ship’s agent representative was with me. He was very helpful indeed. He handled everything without any signs of hesitation. Agental Maritime Services Mr Esteban Leon Guerrero did a great help during that time. I could thank him more than once.

The doctor diagnosed me with Gastritis and Duodenitis.

As an immediate medication, I was transfused with gas suppressing medicine and pain reliever, They injected it in my vein through dextrose. As a continuous medication, I was prescribed with:

Famotidine 1 x 20 mg every 12 hours for 14 days.

Domperidona 1 x 10mg very 8 hours for 3 days

Flapex-E 1 capsule every 8 hours for 3 days

Viadil – oral drops in case pain persist.

Here are some diet plan meal I followed for almost 10 days

First day

Breakfast: 1 boiled egg and 3 table spoon full of oatmeal plus plenty of water

Morning Snacks: 1 pc of Cracker and water

Lunch – Grilled chicken breast, boiled potatoes and carrots , Banana (half) meals with water.

Pain was at level 2

Snacks: cracker and water

Dinner : the same as launch but with zucchini and lots of water.

2nd day

Breakfast: 2 eggs cooked with water and oatmeal and water

Morning Snacks: Crackers – water

Lunch: Steamed Mackerel – Boiled Broccoli flower, Cauliflower Flower, carrots plus rice ( sip a lit of port nilaga soup )

Half banana, 2 bites of pork chopped ( after meal – I went to toilet for discharge)

at 2Pm I ate 1 yogurt flavored with strawberry – I felt relieved

At 0230 – 1 glass of water with1/4 teaspoon of soda powder sipped slowly

At 1600 – 3/4 glass of blended 1/4 beetroot, 3 broccoli with 1 teaspoon of honey (Beetroot and broccoli were boiled)

Dinner: Boiled 1 potato, 4 Pcs broccoli flowers, 1/2 chicken breast – 1/2 banana, warm water and Camomile tea.

(No stomach discomfort felt)

3rd Day

Breakfast : 1 hard boiled egg / 3 to 4 table spoon of oatmeal / 1 yogurt strawberry flavor – 1 cup of camomile tea

Lots of water intake – No stomach discomfort so far.

Snacks: 1 Cracker / 3/4 blended beetroot and Broccoli,

Lunch: Steamed Fish Fillet, Boiled Carrots, Potato, 1/2 rice, 3 cubes of grilled lean meat – 1 cup of camomile

Snacks: 1 Cracker – Water

Dinner: 1 Grilled Fish, 1 boiled potato, 1 boiled cucumber – 1/4 apple peeled, 1 cup of Camomile

4th Day

Breakfast: 1 Toasted bread, 1 Scrambled egg cooked in water and olive oil, 2 – 3 spoonful of oatmeal – 1 Yogurt, 1 cup warm water

Snacks : Boiled beet root

Lunch: 1 very little part of Grilled Pork loin, Boiled potato and carrots, Soup: Chicken breast cubes boiled with lots of ginger and lettuce, 1 piece steamed shrimp headless

Fruits: 1/4 apple peeled – Camomile Tea

Snacks : 1 Toasted brown wheat bread

Dinner: 1/2 Steamed Mackerel with little amount of apple cider, Boiled potato and carrots – Fruit – 1/4 Apple – Camomile tea

5th Day

Breakfast: 2 Eggs (1 hard boiled and 1 Scrambled in water and olive oil, 1 toasted brown bread, 3 spoons oat meal, 1 yogurt – warm water

Snacks: Blended beetroot and broccoli with 1 teaspoon of honey

Lunch: 1/2 Gilled Chicken breast, Boiled Potato and carrots, Fruits 1/4 Apple – Camomile tea and warm water

Snacks: Cracker and Toasted bread

Dinner: 1/2 Grilled Fish, Boiled 1/2 Potato and 1/2 Cucumber, 3 spoon pasta with olive oil and chopped garlic with salt. Fruit Apple 1/4 Camomile tea

6th day

Breakfast: 2 Scrambled eggs cooked with very little olive oil, 3 Spoonfuls of oatmeal, 1 Yogurt, Warm water

Snacks: 1/2 Apple pie , 1 glass blended beetroot and broccoli flower

Lunch: 1 Pc grilled Mackerel, 1 Grilled pork lean meat, 1 boiled potato and carrots, fruits 1/4 apple, Camomile tea

Snacks: 1/2 apple pie and Camomile tea

Dinner: Grilled Tilapia, Boiled Broccoli and Potato plus cabbage with olive oil, Minch garlic and salt – Camomile tea

7th Day

Breakfast: 1 Boiled egg, 3 spoon oatmeal, 1 yogurt

Snacks: 1 Cracker

Lunch: 1 Grilled Fish Salmon, Boiled Potato and carrots, Camomile tea

Snacks: 1 Cracker

Dinner: 1 Grilled breast chicken, 1 Pita bread – Lots of water

8th day

Breakfast: 1 1/2 Boiled Egg, Oatmeal, 1 Yogurt, warm water

Snacks: 1 Blend Beetroot and Broccoli

Lunch: 1 Grilled Breast Chicken, 1 Potato and 1 medium carrot, Pork ribs soup (Min)
Toasted Bread and cracker

Dinner: 1 Grilled Fish, 1 Potato, Soup ( Scallops with Chinese pasta, sauted with olive oil and ginger) Camomile tea

9th Day

Breakfast: 1 1/2 hard boiled egg, Oatmeal, 1 Yogurt , Camomile Tea

Snacks: 1 Toasted brown bread

Lunch: 1/4 Pork chopped dipped with apple cider and garlic, Soup: Clams sautéed with olive oil ginger garlic broccoli and Sotanghon

Snacks: Cracker

Dinner: 1 Fish head, Soup with cabbage and potato , Camomile tea and 1/2 apple

To Summarize, Gastritis and Duodenitis ruined my previous food intake. I forcefully followed above diet plan to completely get rid of the symptoms. This would make you feel better and relieved if you have the same symptom of Gastritis. I suggest more warm water intake during meals, A lot of Chamomile (1 drank more than 3 mugs a day) tea.

Disclaimer: Above diet plan worked with me. As we all know, different persons have their own tolerant in food intake. If you feel in doubt about what you should eat and shouldn’t eat? Better consult a physician.

Decorate your Home, Upgrade your Ride

What are you thinking for a change?

Are you thinking of decorating your home? Is it time to upgrade and accessories your ride? Get a new gadget or buy something new for your ride? What’s keeping you not have all these things?

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