Decorate your Home, Upgrade your Ride

What are you thinking for a change?

Are you thinking of decorating your home? Is it time to upgrade and accessories your ride? Get a new gadget or buy something new for your ride? What’s keeping you not have all these things?

Priorities what are your needs and get them right away! If not today you’ll never have it at all anymore! The question is. What are the things that you don’t have that you should have and make you feel happy if you have them? Write it down to your wishlist now! You may be out of budget this time and waiting for the right moment. There is no right moment for everything! if that things makes you feel better go for it!

Aromatherapy Oil Humidifiers for Home Decoration

Decorating your home can do a lot of changes and fulfillment to yourself. Think of something new that makes the difference if you have them in your home. How about something refreshing? Have you heard of aromatherapy and or essential oils? Aromatherapy oil for ultrasonic humidifiers gives additional freshness to your home once your press the on button, it started to discharge mist that naturally mixed in the air. Aromatherapy oils and oil humidifiers or what they call it diffusers are available in the mall and online shop. You can either buy them at any online shop or direct from the mall. Whatever your shopping preference is? Get them now! At all for one click shop, Best essentials Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser are offered at very best prices and free shipping delivery. Don’t wait for the moment as the moment is now! Click HERE for mor info:

What is the Best Upgrade for your Car?

The question is, What kind of upgrade are you up to? Are you a DIY troubleshooting and repair obsessed car owner? If so, Why don’t you take a second thought on having a Car OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool for professional for your own use? Car OBD2 Diagnostic Tools now are very popular at all for one click shop. A very impressive car analyzing scan tool that use by most professional mechanic, Car automotive shop and some car owners. You can have them too at best value offer. But first, What is a Car diagnostic scan tool for? Car Diagnostic Scan tool easily detect faults on car engines on board computer. It works from any car year models from 1996 up to the latest models in the market today. Better than ratchet, More reliable than multi tester that works only with currents and volts. With OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool, You can diagnose your car anytime by following the detailed instruction manual that comes along with the OBD2 Tool. For free shipping delivery get your first OBD2 Scan tool at online gmall now! Click HERE for more info:

Car Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool
OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool

Genuine Leather Messenger Bags for Men

Messenger Genuine Leather BagsMessenger Bag

Selecting the right messenger bag for men needs practicality. How much can you invest in a leather messenger bag? What gadgets and other stuffs are you going to put into. What kind of occasion do you intend to use for?

Check on the description for each compartment what items could you possibly put in. Men’s messenger bags are quite useful and trendy. This article may help you find or select which bag is suitable or you. What type of leathers meet your budget. Here are some facts. Quality bags that are made to last longer than any other type of material bags. With genuine leather, its trend never faded. Classic.

Genuine Leathers Bags Quality

Is it the brand name? Any genuine leather bags designed with quality. Durability is quality! Aside from that, Leather bags comes with different colors and unique features. Depending on your needs, genuine leather bags not really necessarily expensive. This article will help you find some top quality material made genuine leather messenger bags. Click here to see more on genuine leather bags for men that offered online. You can get them a real best prices for a good leather bags of your choice.

Crossbody or Shoulder Genuine Leather Bags

What ever you need and what ever you do. Genuine leather bags designed with versatility. College students, Professional or men in a business ventures. If your interest is longevity of usage, Get the genuine leather bags. Its trendy, vintage and or even elegant. It creates a good impression on you and to your whole personality. This is the most common belief to ourselves whenever we stepped out from home for work. We should be in the top or good looking outfits.

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Car OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

Why are Diagnostic Tools for Cars Important?

Diagnostic Tool
One of the most reliable diagnostic tools so far!

Diagnostic scanner serve a very useful role in analyzing DTC’s or Data Trouble codes. I believe that having a reliable diagnostic scan tool is very important to every car owners who have interest in DIY repairs and troubleshooting to their own cars.

I once managed 2 diesel engine passenger cars for almost a decade. Now, I drive a Hyundai Grand Starex van with CRDI diesel engine. Before that, I don’t know more about cars, Not much knowledge on how to maintain car engines. How to troubleshoot defects. I just bring them to mechanic only when trouble were severe and status going to break down! I should have been avoided cozy rebuild or General overhaul.

How did a car diagnostic tools change my point of view?

My point of view changes when I bought my first basic type OBD2 diagnostic scan tool. My personal experienced and supervision to every engine overhaul done to all my passenger cars turns out into a real knowledge and theory how an engine run. Added by online researches collecting previous experiences and trouble shooting done by expert mechanic online.

OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner or Analyzer Tool

For me, Having a professional diagnostic tool as trouble analyzer is a relief. I find it more economical to everyone especially if you own more than two cars. You don’t need to go to a car diagnostic center anymore just to locate and pinpoint your car check engine light source. OBD2 diagnostic scan tool do it all just like a smartphone that needs a user, that’s what OBD2 diagnostic scan tool are all about. Once code is analyzed, You can now buy the spare parts you need and have them replace by a trusted mechanic or you can do it by your self. Car OBD2 diagnostic tool can be use anytime, even during one complete driving cycle for on board monitor test. But never do it alone!

The Second Generation On Board Diagnostic or OBD2 tools

For newer car, this is really the best opportunity to have your own personal OBD2 diagnostic tool, It is also the best time to do the initial test as per manufacturer’s data parameters setting and save it for later comparisons.

Now a day, OBD2 diagnostic tools is one of the most considered and reliable DTC reader for modern cars. It is use by most professional mechanics and car automotive centers. I personally used it for my own cars aside from the official maintenance schedule.

What Car Models Does OBD2 Diagnostic tool works?

OBD2 (On Board Diagnostic Second Generation) works on any OBD2 compliant cars from year model 1996 and latest.

Get your personal OBD2 diagnostic tools scanner now at best prices. Click HERE to see for more available models of OBD2 diagnostic tools online. Select your preferred OBD2 models base on your needs and budget.

How to locate your Car’s OBD2 connection?

OBD2 ports is located underneath your car dashboard. You can find it near the steering wheel base over the brake pedal of your car drivers side. It has 16 pins DLC (Data Link Connector)ports that is compatible for most Asian, some on American and European car models. 14 pins for BMW.

Make sure that you’ll see the 16 pins ports before you commit to have one.

How does OBD2 diagnostic scanner tools works?

In modern cars, trouble codes are stored in Engine Computer Unit or Electronic Control Unit (ECU). When some of the vital parts that are monitored by electronic sensors fails or reading become out of its normal range, these sensor feed it into engine computer system and same will trigger a warning light from your car cluster by turning on the Check Engine Lights or MIL Malfunction Indicator Light. But don’t worry, let OBD2 diagnostic tool do the all scanning. On this OBD2 model, You don’t need to browse and search detected ode from the internet. Its all included there.

How to scan your Car using OBD2 diagnostic tools?

Scanning has never been easier. There are 2 ways to scan your car using the reliable OBD2 diagnostic tools. When OBD2 is connected to Car OBD2 ports, choose either one of the following:

KOEO – Key On Engine Off

KOER – Key On Engine Running

Then follow the on board testing procedures. OBD2 Diagnostic tools & DTC readers comes with a very detailed instruction manual including online updates. The perfect user friendly Car tools for every Car owners and Car enthusiasts. Interested? Click HERE to have one for your Car. Limited stocks for a DHL delivery. Shipping included*.

*Check your location before you order. DHL has remote checker on their website.

**DM now and get our available DTC via LBC. Pay now and deliver next day! Payment accepted: GCash, Bank Deposit or direct to

What is the effect of Menhaden fish to Ships Engine Central Coolers in Galveston Houston Ship Channel?

A million of menhaden fish clogged Ship’s engine Water central cooler strainer.

July 15, 2018 – Houston Ship Channel Fairway.

We are a vessel with half of our cargo in transit. It happened during our south east bound transit at Galveston Houston Ships Channel from Kinder Morgan Terminal, Galena Park to Galveston outer anchorage when engineers noted a slight rise on main engine temperatures slightly higher than normal.

The seasonal presence of Menhaden fish along the channel pose a real danger to all ships transiting the Houston Ship Channel.

It affects mainly the Ship Main Engine Central cooling systems due to heavy clogs.

Upper suction sea chest clogged heavily

As you can see in the photos. This is the condition of upper sea chest suction strainer after our transit.

We carried out a thorough inspections on both strainers. We cleaned, de-clogged both strainers in order to be ready for the next transit northwest bound to Kinder Morgan Terminal.

All passing vessels in the area should exercise an extra caution during transit along the area of Galveston, Houston Ship Channel especially when engine status are ordered to full RPM.

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Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

What’s your opinion on Manny Pacquiao’s win?

At his late 30’s. Manny Pacquiao raised his both hands again! At 39th he marked his 39th Knockout wins on his career. After almost a decade of zero knock out win from his previous bouts, Here he is! My congratulations to Sen. Manny Pacquiao and the whole team Pacquiao for giving us again the glory to cheer for Manny ! Manny! Manny! What a pride. Its a pity that for some, no one seems to care or acknowledge that anymore. Time change over time.

I’m reading out some different post opinion from different people about Manny’s career as a boxer. But why? Aren’t they happy that at his age, Manny Pacquiao can still competes like the old Manny Pacquiao? His life at 40? it’s just the beginning for him, that his belief! I respect that. He is one of a kind brothers! The greatest boxer in the planet. I don’t care if you are a Boxer too or a CEO of a big company or the President of a boxing bodies! Every one have their own point of views! You got one, They’ve got too, everyone does!

The question is so simple? Do you really love what is happening to your career since you started living your life? If you do, That’s the real truth!

Well, for Manny Pacquiao, His hearts belongs to boxing, it’s his sports, He knows the risk too but why he is still fighting? It’s not all about money i guess? If you stop him what he is doing right now? He’ll be disappointed in his life. Just like us! Its what he want to his life that matters. Manny Pacquiao loves boxing, If he continue to do so while he still can, So be it. There’s no reason for him to stop unless his body and heart will tell him so? He is good at it. He succeeded on that sports. We liked hime once before, We’ll probably like him now once again..

To Senator Manny Pacquiao who just won the fight tonight, Congratulations! Just do it! You may win or lose to your next fight, That’s life! as long as you love what you’re doing? Keep fighting! don’t lose your faith, Because “life is the greatest fight of mankind, whatever we do”..

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The Genuine leather messenger bag

Men genuine leather messenger bagMessenger bag for men

The Genuine Leather Messenger Bag

This is just one of our leather products at online gmall that just bought by a new customer an hour ago. We wondered how they find our messenger bags online? We stopped FB, Instagram and Adwords Ads for a while to figure out what other marketing approach to consider. We Dig into online shop informations, We found out that, Online Gmall’s new customer started her session 22 days ago, returned back for the 3rd time before it turned out into conversion. Sales! She landed in directly through cart.

Messenger bag for men bought recently

We searched it through google using the keyword messenger bag or genuine leather bags, We really couldn’t find it unless we searched directly through our website name. Where ever the source would be, every sale is a success. It’s a good sign that online gmall products are really searchable. Click here to check on details of our Genuine leather messenger bags online for men and women.

messenger bagBrown genuine leather messenger bag for men

Messenger bag for Men

In case you missed our Anniversary and summer 2018 online promotions. Click here to see more on genuine leather messenger bag for men. Now it’s still offer free shipping. Get your self a gift! buy your messenger bags online now! Its a perfect surprise gift to anyone.

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The Sailor’s Online Shop

Are you a Sailor?

Have you ever tried to purchase any product online? Or putting up a business and later on closed it due to insufficient profit? Did you really wanted those businesses that you once established but it didn’t worked as planned? The reasons of these so many questions are: Did we focused? or managed it personally then got disappointed on slow development and didn’t got what we expected. If any of the reasons are correct then try to figure out if you can still do it while there’s still time!

The sailor’s online shop

I started my first online shop on a trial. There were no goal, No products to sell and no idea what’s an online business all about! What’s a niches, How a brand name started and become famous. It’s fun and time consuming at first. It only takes 3 days to realized that the potential is likely for me as a sailor. Why? I got my first sale on the 3rd day! It was a favor from a friend but indeed its still a sale! In fact, I don’t need to stay home to manage it. I can do it anywhere and at anytime.

What was the name of my first online shop?

Allforoneclickshop! That was it. Why? I thought of so many kind of products to sell like in a mall! If you go inside a mall you see many products. Many products to choose. I bought my first website and named allforoneclickshopdot com. What’s our products? Anything that make me feel good about the quality and type of products, I imported it in my online shop. I always thought for the best genuine leather bags. Main materials are made up of pure leather cow skin. I selected 4 kinds of bags for men including women. Those were messenger bag, Shoulder bags, Business bags, Briefcase and even hand bags. All are made up of genuine and few PU leathers. Click here to see one of our Messenger bag collections that are made up of leather products.

Where’s Online GMall came from?

A month after started all for one click shop, Online Gmall came across and I bought my secondary website. This is my second website that redirects all clicks to my primary site. What other products did I imported to my online gmall shop? The car gadgets and accessories mainly the head up display and DVR or Digital Video Recorder then later I added Car portable air compressors, tire pressure monitoring system and our best seller, The professional diagnostic tools. Continue reading The Sailor’s Online Shop