OBD2 Diagnostic Tools – Autel 519A

Car OBD Scanner Car models are now equipped with electronic control technologies that are more a than mechanically controlled cars. These datas are transferred to a computer system from a sensors. Sometime sensors tends to fail. If you have trouble locating your car Malfunction Indicator Lights Or hesitant bringing your car in automotive centers dueContinue reading “OBD2 Diagnostic Tools – Autel 519A”

Reshma Optical – Padre Paterno Street Quiapo, Manila

If you’re looking for an affordable or high end optical products, I recommend Reshma Optical supply. Taken from the owner’s name Madam Reshma. It’s been my 3rd time visits in their shop. The shop size is not as big as we think but it is enough to supply our needs. How to get there? ItContinue reading “Reshma Optical – Padre Paterno Street Quiapo, Manila”

Hidden Valley Spring Resorts – Calauan Alaminos Laguna Philippines

Are you planning for a week end getaway and stay away from city’s air pollution? But fed up on searching online where to stay? I recommend Hidden Valley Spring and experience a tropical rainforest adventures. Trekking to Hidden Falls. Swim on a warm pool. Soak in a cold water fall at Soda pools I andContinue reading “Hidden Valley Spring Resorts – Calauan Alaminos Laguna Philippines”

Nano Beach, Calatagan Batangas

Nano beach is located south of Stilts beach resorts. It takes only 15 to 20 minutes economical drive from the main road just after we exited from Stilts beach resorts Sta Ana, Calatagan Batangas. If you’re looking for an affordable overnight experience without air conditioning system, Old style Nipa Hut cottage? It was a generousContinue reading “Nano Beach, Calatagan Batangas”

Hyundai Grand Starex – Black Smoke, Rattling sound and Loss of Power

Have you ever encountered a tail pipe black smoke, Engine knock like a rattling ratchet followed by a sudden loss power? I was driving from Calatagan via the Nasugbu, Tagaytay road at high speed when all of a sudden, a sound like a rattling noise of a ratchet, black smoke and sudden loss of powerContinue reading “Hyundai Grand Starex – Black Smoke, Rattling sound and Loss of Power”

Is Ecommerce for sailors too?

Life on board an Oil Tanker vessel without the help of social media is too difficult. I got my employment onboard wayback 1993 when post mail was only the main communication with our families and friends. It takes weeks or even months before we can established a question and answer flow of communications. That wasContinue reading “Is Ecommerce for sailors too?”