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Best Genuine Leather Belts Online

When it comes to Belt selection, The quality of the belt is always one of the factor to consider before anyone committed to buy. Men always choose the Best Genuine Leather Belt. Genuine Leathers doesn’t easily break, But instead it offers durability, It takes long years before it wear out for replacement. Sometimes even the metal or aluminum buckle may break first before the leather belt! That’s how durable a genuine leather is.

Are you looking for a vintage design Genuine Leather Belt? At all for one click shop, They offer wide selections of belts for Men and Women. Belts materials mainly made from cow skin leathers. You can choose your preferred colors from Black or Brown leather belt with pin metal buckle. Or check our designer’s crocodile head belt buckle matched with the automatic buckle belt.

Genuine Leather Formal Belt

When it comes to formal attire, which type of belt are we going to use this time? The best is to match your suit with automatic buckle black belt. Your black belt probably matched with your black leather shoes too. That is how we represent our selves during formal gathering. As a business men, your daily attire really matters, it represents you and your company.

Get the belt that match your outfit. How many belts you should have this time? It doesn’t matter how many belt you can afford to have. The thing is, you can’t go out from your door step without wearing one.

At all for one click shop, choose from their collections of genuine leather belts. They sell online various types and designs at very reasonable prices. Get your genuine leather belt now. Save on free shipping for all orders.

Please note that delivery time may take 12 to 30 days depending on logistic company’s volume of handles. Read their page for more information on shipping delivery, Return policy and refund policy.

All orders are provided with tracking numbers after the shipment process. It may take some days for logistic companies to updates tracking informations about all ordered items.

Customers purchase protection is always extended up to 60 days before it is subject for refund. Money back guarantee if customers don’t receive their products within this period of time.

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Full Grain Genuine Leathers

Why Full Grain Genuine Leathers?

There’s a lot of leather grades available in the market or online shop. Full grain leather has the highest grade of all leathers. The most common is the famous top grain and genuine leather materials. That is why the prices of a full grain leathers are higher compare to the top grain and or genuine leathers. Full Grain Leather certainly offers the finest look, strength and durability.

The origin of full grain leather comes from the outer part of animal skin. Where no or very little alteration or modification had been done to remove imperfections. The top grain leather is just another layer of the whole animal skin next to the full grain leather. The genuine leather as commonly offered in the market is the last layer of the skin.

If you’re looking for the best laptop briefcase that are made up of full grain leather, We recommend All for one click shop sells the best quality material on laptop briefcases for men. All for one click shop offer full grain leather laptop briefcase or laptop bags for men at best prices online. Shop and save on their add on free shipping for all orders online.

Where do you really keep your laptop safe during your travels? Some prefer to put it in a backpack bag and bring it out when needed for security control. The briefcase offer easy carry. It is provided with shoulder strap aside from having a hand grip. As long travel requires easy carry, Having a shoulder strap is easier to bring wherever you go. You can either choose if you will place it in-front of your body or from the side depending on your comfort.

To summarize, all this type of leathers are genuine leathers. Full grain, Top grain or Genuine leathers, The texture and quality will certainly make the difference. Mostly online manufacturers and sellers describe their leathers as all genuine. No questions about that, knowing its differences is really important.

If you’re looking for a good quality type of genuine leathers, I recommend searching the full grain leathers.

Visit all for one click shop, We sell quality full grain leather briefcase for men at best prices. Click here to check our men’s leather briefcase for laptop and for business bags.

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Full Grain Genuine Leather

Photo source: Google / Blog Irteka – Full grain and top grain leather

Full Grain Leather

What’s with full grain genuine leather? why is so called the best among leathers? Think about the thickness of the normal cow leather or the layers of the processed leather. The full grain leather is the best grade leather as this type of leather wasn’t altered or refined. Thus resulting to a better strength and durability that last overtime.

Top grain Leather

The top grain leather is next to the full grain leather in terms to quality of material. It offers almost the same strength and durability as the full grain leather but it will never be the same. The top grain leather refined with slight alteration due to scratches or buffed to hide away natural imperfections during the processed.

Genuine Leather

The Genuine leather is not as good as the full grain and top grain leathers but it was made from a real leather as well. It is always vary and depends on the top coat they used during the process. Although this is the least quality products from the real leather, It follows both the top grain and full grain leather in durability and strength.

At Online GMall, we offer full grain messenger briefcase  at leather briefcase collections. Full grain leather offers durability to last and aside of being nicer and long lasting leather. It is also look more elegant than any other genuine leather materials. Check our online latest arrival at briefcase collections and see for yourself the difference among leathers.

Finding the right leather materials always depend on each buyers choice. If you think full grain leather meet your satisfaction and for quality wise, go for the full grain type as it offers the most durability and elegance. We didn’t say genuine leather aren’t good but if you seek a better material other than leathers, its always be the right choice.

Finally, all genuine leathers are durable, The only thing that differs is which will last longer? Well, It is always depend on how we used and take care of leather materials. Don’t wash and sun dry. Leather contains a natural oil that maintain softness and water resistance. Handle it with care by re-greasing to preserved its original texture.

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Sources: Quora/Google


Decorate your Home, Upgrade your Ride

What are you thinking for a change?

Are you thinking of decorating your home? Is it time to upgrade and accessories your ride? Get a new gadget or buy something new for your ride? What’s keeping you not have all these things?

Priorities what are your needs and get them right away! If not today you’ll never have it at all anymore! The question is. What are the things that you don’t have that you should have and make you feel happy if you have them? Write it down to your wishlist now! You may be out of budget this time and waiting for the right moment. There is no right moment for everything! if that things makes you feel better go for it!

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The Genuine leather messenger bag

Men genuine leather messenger bagMessenger bag for men

The Genuine Leather Messenger Bag

This is just one of our leather products at online gmall that just bought by a new customer an hour ago. We wondered how they find our messenger bags online? We stopped FB, Instagram and Adwords Ads for a while to figure out what other marketing approach to consider. We Dig into online shop informations, We found out that, Online Gmall’s new customer started her session 22 days ago, returned back for the 3rd time before it turned out into conversion. Sales! She landed in directly through cart.

Messenger bag for men bought recently

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messenger bagBrown genuine leather messenger bag for men

Messenger bag for Men

In case you missed our Anniversary and summer 2018 online promotions. Click here to see more on genuine leather messenger bag for men. Now it’s still offer free shipping. Get your self a gift! buy your messenger bags online now! Its a perfect surprise gift to anyone.

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The Sailor’s Online Shop

Are you a Sailor?

Have you ever tried to purchase any product online? Or putting up a business and later on closed it due to insufficient profit? Did you really wanted those businesses that you once established but it didn’t worked as planned? The reasons of these so many questions are: Did we focused? or managed it personally then got disappointed on slow development and didn’t got what we expected. If any of the reasons are correct then try to figure out if you can still do it while there’s still time!

The sailor’s online shop

I started my first online shop on a trial. There were no goal, No products to sell and no idea what’s an online business all about! What’s a niches, How a brand name started and become famous. It’s fun and time consuming at first. It only takes 3 days to realized that the potential is likely for me as a sailor. Why? I got my first sale on the 3rd day! It was a favor from a friend but indeed its still a sale! In fact, I don’t need to stay home to manage it. I can do it anywhere and at anytime.

What was the name of my first online shop?

Allforoneclickshop! That was it. Why? I thought of so many kind of products to sell like in a mall! If you go inside a mall you see many products. Many products to choose. I bought my first website and named allforoneclickshopdot com. What’s our products? Anything that make me feel good about the quality and type of products, I imported it in my online shop. I always thought for the best genuine leather bags. Main materials are made up of pure leather cow skin. I selected 4 kinds of bags for men including women. Those were messenger bag, Shoulder bags, Business bags, Briefcase and even hand bags. All are made up of genuine and few PU leathers. Click here to see one of our Messenger bag collections that are made up of leather products.

Where’s Online GMall came from?

A month after started all for one click shop, Online Gmall came across and I bought my secondary website. This is my second website that redirects all clicks to my primary site. What other products did I imported to my online gmall shop? The car gadgets and accessories mainly the head up display and DVR or Digital Video Recorder then later I added Car portable air compressors, tire pressure monitoring system and our best seller, The professional diagnostic tools. Continue reading The Sailor’s Online Shop