DVR Camera

Why is it that Car DVR rear view Camera Installation is important?

DVR is not the same as DVD or video player that can be use for watching movies or playing music. Basically, Its not also a part of car entertainment system. DVR Camera is only use as an additional safety feature that should be installed in any car. The encouragement of higher resolution DVR camera is to have a better recording results in case data stored in the DVR are use for investigation after a car accident. A wider angle of the DVR screen isn’t also advisable as this is intended only for recording not for viewing or any other means. The ideal screen size of a DVR Camera should not be more than 6 inches. A wider LCD screen pose a potential distraction to the driver. The location of installation should be placed above the driver’s head where DVR camera is able to monitor ahead or rear view of the car. The rear view mirror is the best position where DVR camera should be installed. It is far away from the driver’s eye while driving. This unit comes with additional camera for rear view monitor. If you are looking for a clear and high definition recording DVR camera base on customers recent reviews and satisfaction, Get your DVR camera at all for one click shop or click HERE to view more on car gadgets.

Where can you buy Car gadgets and Accessories Online?

The Car Gadgets Collection

Let say some always have the same interests. What’s your interest in life or rather say what’s your passion. Passion in a sense that you really like or love what you’re doing. Car gadgets and accessories for example. If your passion is all about cars, it may be in the area of troubleshooting, cleaning, upgrade, modification or simply adding features in it! Car gadgets collection in general cover a lot of things. It may include repair tools, scanning tool, emergency tools, electronic gadgets like dash cameras, head up displays, LED bulbs, Seat covers, back seat storage, Steering wheel covers and a lot more accessories that can be found online.
At all for one click shop car gadgets collection, We offer many kinds of car gadgets, accessories and various repair or emergency tools online. We carefully import these accessories and tools from our own preference, We select it from our trusted and verified suppliers. When we say verified, we carefully check their high trust rating and excellent shipping performance from different merchants worldwide.
Here are the lists of our imported products and offer it with great deals online.
This is useful for all car owners who drive everyday for work. Air compressor is very compact and portable tool that can be use anytime whenever our car tires went under pressure or flattened. Car air compressor operate with own 12 Volts battery or through cigarette lighter socket. Use the socket provided along with compressor unit and additional crocodile clip for battery connection. Make your road trip a hassle free trip. Select the best car portable air compressor online.
This OBD2 Diagnostic may only be use when trouble light triggered. This is a very common beliefs so we thought the necessity is less important. But having a reliable diagnostic tool in car trunk is recommended. If you’re well off enough to have it, you should and must have it. OBD2 diagnostic scanner is the only tool that can scan directly your car ECU (Engine Computer Unit). Most car models that are newer than 1995 have ECU installed. It doesn’t matter if your car is a European, American or Asian models. OBD data link connector is always located somewhere inside the driver side area.
It is better to have a record than just making a story on what happened on a road accident. You read it right! Car DVR Dash Camera records your trip whenever your car engine started, driving, until it engine off. A camera installed in a car for this purpose not only gives additional beauty but in fact it save you from any false statement on what really happened on a road accident. Data recorded in a DVR Dash camera serve as an evidence that facilitate investigation. There are lots of DVR Cameras that sell in the market today. Rear view installed DVR dual camera is one of the latest model even in online stores.
Cleaning your own car is a challenge especially if you haven’t done it even once. But its not the end of days yet! This is just a basic task that doesn’t really need expertise. Get the right and easy to operate equipment and you’re ready to go. Consider the use of a portable vacuum cleaner. This portable vacuum cleaner is powered by own car’s battery source. Plugged it in a cigarette lighter socket (12V) and you’re ready to do your cleaning task. Do this when car engine is warming up, it won’t take 10 minutes to get rid of that dust and debris.
Is this something new? This is not an ordinary display that adds beauty to your car interiors. Head Up display is helpful if you’re driving in a highway that has a maximum regulated speed limit. If you’re car has cruise control function, it may not be an option to have one. The important thing why you should install one head up display is, It keep your head up and eyes on the road all the time as the speed information is displayed right in front of you through the windshield. This head up display doesn’t only show your speed, It includes Revolution Per Minute (RPM), Battery Voltage, Cooling water temperature and estimated Fuel Consumption. How? Head up display interfaces through your car OBD2 data link connector. It display information from car’s Electronic Computer Unit (ECU) and display it through your windshield by reflection from the HUD or Head Up Display unit. It goes on when engine started, it goes off automatically when engine turned off. Keep it connected to the OBD2 port located underneath your car steering wheel right above the brake pedal.
Be organize inside your car, as a driver you do not really need this back seat organizer bag. This is ideal for your family member as they’re in the second or third rows depends on the size of the car. A lot of things can be put into an organizer bag. Smartphone, power bank, bottled water, tissues and more. Instead of putting it all in the door pocket, This organizer bag lets you keep them all in front of the passenger. Easy install at the back on a driver and passenger seats. In order to be more useful and convenient, a minimum of two organizers should be available in every rows of the car. Get your backseat organizer HERE:
Enhance your steering wheel grip, install an additional cover on it. When body temperature adapts car cabin temperature, It become dry causing an inefficient grip to the car steering wheel. By covering it with PU or genuine leathers, steering wheel thickens resulting to a better grip. Better grip gives better driving performance. Have you ever experienced that your hands slipped from the wheel? It always happened during the midst of your driving.
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Why Genuine Leather?

Genuine Leather bags for Men

Genuine Leather BagSelecting the right messenger bag for men needs practicality too! How much money can you afford to spend for one genuine leather bag? What gadgets and other stuffs can this bag accommodate into? What occasion do you intend to use for?

Before you buy a bag, check the description on each compartment what items could you possibly put into a bag. Messenger bags are useful and trendy.

This article may help you find or select which bag suits you. What type of leather that meet your budget. Here are some facts. Quality bags that are made to last longer than any other type of materials are bags that were made up from genuine leathers.

Why? Genuine leathers never losses trend, it’s a real classic. Consider buying the best messenger bag online. Check the bag that described genuine leathers. It’s worth the money you spent.

Genuine Leathers Bags Quality

When choosing the messenger bag, Is it the brand name? Or is it for the quality? Any genuine leather bags are durably designed. Durability is quality!

Do you prefer colors? Genuine leathers always come with different colors and unique styles. Depending on your preference, You can get the vintage coffee brown or the common black color of leathers.

Genuine leather bags are not really necessarily expensive. You can buy a good quality messenger bag at price ranges from $40 to $200.

There are also choices of bags closure to confirm before you commit to buy. Check if its either flip top closures, Zipper closure type and or magnetic button and flip top combination closure type.

We hope this article guide you enough to find top quality material made genuine leather messenger bags. Click HERE to see more STYLES of genuine leather messenger bags.

Get great deals online at very best prices for a good leather messenger bags for men and women.

Genuine Leather Crossbody and Shoulder Bags

Genuine leather Shoulder bags are designed with versatility. Either vintage or Elegant. Anyone can use it with confidence. College students, Professionals, Men and Women engage in a business.

If your interest is longevity of use, Buy a shoulder and crossbody bag that are made up from genuine leathers.

Leather materials are classical and trendy. Shoulder and cross body bags adds good impression to your personality. Why? Because you are using a bag that are made with quality!

How do you compare a fake leathers and genuine leathers?

• Burn a part or piece of leather that comes along with the bagbon delivery. Fake leather melts easily when heated. While genuine leather shrinks and smoke smells like a burnt skin or feathers.

Shopping online need a lot of factors to consider, Check carefully the product description. Natural leather known as genuine leathers looks rougher than the artificial or fake leathers.

Avoid description like leathers, PU leathers and Leatherette materials. if you really need the genuine leathers. Find instead the cow skin leather, cow leather, Full grain, Top grain and genuine leathers.

Additionally, some supplier may states the same as above although its not actually. It is imperative to know the fire test process once you received the products. Follow the test as stated above.

If the description of the product you ordered was not in line as describe. Open a dispute and refund. As a buyer, its good to know your purchase protection too.

Do not just simply buy it then complain it later! Check the online shop’s refund and return policy page. This may seems simple information but it is actually true.

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“Online shopping is good planning, plan what you buy online and shop online what you planned” Enjoy great deals like free shipping deliveries.

Deliveries may take 12 to 30 days! Its worth thatvwaiting! That’s why good online planning is essential.

If your bag is broken and need immediate replacement, do not buy online. If you think your bag need replacement in 30 days or more? Search your messenger bag online now.

Why Leather Business Bag

Best Genuine Leather Business Bag

We’ve been featuring one of our best genuine leather business bag for quite sometime. This bag is ideally designed with versatility. Versatile in a sense that anything that we can bring in our pocket or in a smaller bag, We can put it all in this one bag. Another important factor is that, our bag is made up of genuine leather materials. As you can see it in the photo, the softness of the genuine leather is noticeable although it wasn’t taken professionally.

What stuffs can we pack in a business leather bag? Any bag of this size, we can say medium size laptop computer definitely fit in it. An I-pad for up to 12 inches won’t be difficult enough to slip in plus our smartphone, charging cable. power bank and all other important documents that we need it wouldn’t be a problem at all!

On what occasions can we use a business bag?

This genuine leather bag for men is one of the best selling bags at online gmall men’s clothing collections. Business bag are supposed to be use only during important business meetings. Now a days, we can also use it on our daily travels. Whenever we go to our work, it is very important that we should keep all our stuff in one place. That’s how this leather bags designed for. A perfect travel bag for everyone.

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The Car Head Up Display

Car Head Up Display

Accessorize your car with car head up display now!

Why do you need a car head up display?

Keep your head up and eyes on the road, it will save lives! If you’re driving on a speed restricted highway and you’re keep on looking down on the car clusters speed information. It’s only a matter of seconds if the car in-front of you made a hard stop. It’s too late before you knew it.

What if you have a head up display installed right in-front of your eyes without even looking down or away from the road? This is why head up display for car introduced as one of the trending car gadgets online.

What’s the use of car head Up display? Car head up display projects any car ECU’s information directly on the car through reflection on the windshield. It display the most useful information from the Car computer like your real time speed, revolution per minute or RPM, Battery voltage produce by car alternator, cooling water temperature and some audible and visual red alarm depends on your choice. You can select from the head up display unit the measurement of your preference like Kilometers to Miles, Fahrenheit to Celsius and more.

Where is the connection of head up display? Head up display interface through OBDii or second generation On Board Diagnostic ports. OBD2 port is located under the steering wheel or over the brake pedal. OBD is a computer link connector that have 16 pins. Only for the purpose of connection to the car on board computer system. Where can you buy a car head up display online? All for one click shop offer good quality head up display models. Check it at

Car LED Headlights Bulb

Is it really necessary to replace Car Headlight Bulbs with LED bulbs?

If you find yourself driving at night is better than driving during daylight, Yes! Is your vision clear enough to see the road, road curvature ahead or road improvement signages? If not so due to low brightness of your existing headlight bulbs, Your car headlights bulbs might need replacement! What type of bulb should replace the stock headlights bulb? I recommend the latest LED type H7 bulbs. This type of bulbs gives a bright whiter light than the original stock bulbs light. The LED headlights bulbs now are very famous. Most of the latest car models uses LED headlights bulb. For example Asian cars Mazda and or German car BMW models uses LED bulbs on their headlights. Most car owners of older models are now replacing their headlights with LED bulbs. If your car still uses the old headlights and don’t know how to replace it, nor where to find it? No worries, click HERE to watch the video and HERE to check more information about LED bulbs for cars.

You can replace your old headlight bulb without difficulty if you have basic knowledge in electrical wire and watched the video. Or have them replace by a professional elctronic mechanics nearby your place.

What are the advantages of LED headlights? Here are some good highlights and reviews why do you need to replace your car headlight bulb now:

1. Lower power consumption is one of the advantage of LED against the stock Car headlight.

2. LED headlights is far brighter than the original headlight giving a better vision especially driving on darkness.

If you are interested in replacing your Halogen headlight bulb with LED, Visit all for one click shop or Click HERE to see more information about their LED headlight bulbs online.


Use the Car Portable Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Car

You clean your car everyday, wash it every time when it become dirty, You wipe the dashboard when accumulated dust is thick. How effective is your cleaning? Did you get rid of all the dirts and dust? Or did the car wash service center did the good cleaning job?

Cleaning your own car is challenging, It will ruin your busy schedule, important meeting and more. But if there’s a machine that help you clean easier, Try cleaning it by yourself! It gives you fulfillment. Why? You bought the car with your hard earned money, isn’t it good to take care of it personally once in a while?

How to wash and clean your car effectively?

First , Start from the interiors, remove all the mattings from the driver’s floor, passenger floor and all stuffs that aren’t there when your car was new.

Remove all dirts, garbages that are reachable by your fingers. Then vacuum it, Do not use the household vacuum cleaner it’s too big and it make you feel lazy, use the portable vacuum cleaner for car instead. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner helps you clean effectively! This portable vacuum cleaner is powered by car 12V connected on a cigarette lighter socket and has a very powerful 120W consumption.

This vacuum comes with a multiple interchangeable suction nozzle that can penetrate even the narrowest canal inside a car. This vacuum cleaner is ideal for aircon ventilation outlets, under the car seats, Seat covers, underneath the carpet and narrow door side pockets. Are you done cleaning? Not yet.

Second, Wash the floor mats outside, soaped it or or vacuum it depending on the mat materials. Some uses rubber mat so it’s not necessary to vacuum it. Dampened a soft cloth and begin wiping the dashboard, Door windows trim and entertainment panels. You can use chemicals or cleaning spray if you want to.

Third, Wash the exterior, make sure all windows are rolled up to avoid water spillage inside the car. Start from the top to bottom, leave the tires for the last stage. Wet all over the car and apply soap or foam, It’s either directly or put some on a bucket and wipe it thoroughly and evenly then rinse all foam remain with water spray. Normal spray hose and nozzle will do better.

Clean and wipe the tires and rims with remaining soap in the bucket, don’t forget to wash under the mud guard.

Fourth, Drying time. Use a dry or absorbent pads, you can easily get rid of the water by using it. Congratulations! You just did a good cleaning job to your own car!

Where can you find a portable wet and dry vacuum cleaner for car?

All for one click shop offers online various type of heavy duty portable vacuum cleaner for car. You can visit their website HERE and check their car gadgets collections online. You can also visit All for one click shop official facebook page account Online GMall.

Additional information: Delivery time may take 12 to 30 days Saturday and Sunday included. Read the shipping and delivery information before you commit to buy. Maximum purchase protection 8 weeks. If you don’t receive the item and or damaged, We will issue a refund or replace the item.