The Car Head Up Display

Car Head Up Display

Accessorize your car with car head up display now!

Why do you need a car head up display?

Keep your head up and eyes on the road, it will save lives! If you’re driving on a speed restricted highway and you’re keep on looking down on the car clusters speed information. It’s only a matter of seconds if the car in-front of you made a hard stop. It’s too late before you knew it.

What if you have a head up display installed right in-front of your eyes without even looking down or away from the road? This is why head up display for car introduced as one of the trending car gadgets online.

What’s the use of car head Up display? Car head up display projects any car ECU’s information directly on the car through reflection on the windshield. It display the most useful information from the Car computer like your real time speed, revolution per minute or RPM, Battery voltage produce by car alternator, cooling water temperature and some audible and visual red alarm depends on your choice. You can select from the head up display unit the measurement of your preference like Kilometers to Miles, Fahrenheit to Celsius and more.

Where is the connection of head up display? Head up display interface through OBDii or second generation On Board Diagnostic ports. OBD2 port is located under the steering wheel or over the brake pedal. OBD is a computer link connector that have 16 pins. Only for the purpose of connection to the car on board computer system. Where can you buy a car head up display online? All for one click shop offer good quality head up display models. Check it at

Car LED Headlights Bulb

Is it really necessary to replace Car Headlight Bulbs with LED bulbs?

If you find yourself driving at night is better than driving during daylight, Yes! Is your vision clear enough to see the road, road curvature ahead or road improvement signages? If not so due to low brightness of your existing headlight bulbs, Your car headlights bulbs might need replacement! What type of bulb should replace the stock headlights bulb? I recommend the latest LED type H7 bulbs. This type of bulbs gives a bright whiter light than the original stock bulbs light. The LED headlights bulbs now are very famous. Most of the latest car models uses LED headlights bulb. For example Asian cars Mazda and or German car BMW models uses LED bulbs on their headlights. Most car owners of older models are now replacing their headlights with LED bulbs. If your car still uses the old headlights and don’t know how to replace it, nor where to find it? No worries, click HERE to watch the video and HERE to check more information about LED bulbs for cars.

You can replace your old headlight bulb without difficulty if you have basic knowledge in electrical wire and watched the video. Or have them replace by a professional elctronic mechanics nearby your place.

What are the advantages of LED headlights? Here are some good highlights and reviews why do you need to replace your car headlight bulb now:

1. Lower power consumption is one of the advantage of LED against the stock Car headlight.

2. LED headlights is far brighter than the original headlight giving a better vision especially driving on darkness.

If you are interested in replacing your Halogen headlight bulb with LED, Visit all for one click shop or Click HERE to see more information about their LED headlight bulbs online.


Use the Car Portable Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Car

You clean your car everyday, wash it every time when it become dirty, You wipe the dashboard when accumulated dust is thick. How effective is your cleaning? Did you get rid of all the dirts and dust? Or did the car wash service center did the good cleaning job?

Cleaning your own car is challenging, It will ruin your busy schedule, important meeting and more. But if there’s a machine that help you clean easier, Try cleaning it by yourself! It gives you fulfillment. Why? You bought the car with your hard earned money, isn’t it good to take care of it personally once in a while?

How to wash and clean your car effectively?

First , Start from the interiors, remove all the mattings from the driver’s floor, passenger floor and all stuffs that aren’t there when your car was new.

Remove all dirts, garbages that are reachable by your fingers. Then vacuum it, Do not use the household vacuum cleaner it’s too big and it make you feel lazy, use the portable vacuum cleaner for car instead. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner helps you clean effectively! This portable vacuum cleaner is powered by car 12V connected on a cigarette lighter socket and has a very powerful 120W consumption.

This vacuum comes with a multiple interchangeable suction nozzle that can penetrate even the narrowest canal inside a car. This vacuum cleaner is ideal for aircon ventilation outlets, under the car seats, Seat covers, underneath the carpet and narrow door side pockets. Are you done cleaning? Not yet.

Second, Wash the floor mats outside, soaped it or or vacuum it depending on the mat materials. Some uses rubber mat so it’s not necessary to vacuum it. Dampened a soft cloth and begin wiping the dashboard, Door windows trim and entertainment panels. You can use chemicals or cleaning spray if you want to.

Third, Wash the exterior, make sure all windows are rolled up to avoid water spillage inside the car. Start from the top to bottom, leave the tires for the last stage. Wet all over the car and apply soap or foam, It’s either directly or put some on a bucket and wipe it thoroughly and evenly then rinse all foam remain with water spray. Normal spray hose and nozzle will do better.

Clean and wipe the tires and rims with remaining soap in the bucket, don’t forget to wash under the mud guard.

Fourth, Drying time. Use a dry or absorbent pads, you can easily get rid of the water by using it. Congratulations! You just did a good cleaning job to your own car!

Where can you find a portable wet and dry vacuum cleaner for car?

All for one click shop offers online various type of heavy duty portable vacuum cleaner for car. You can visit their website HERE and check their car gadgets collections online. You can also visit All for one click shop official facebook page account Online GMall.

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Black Friday Shopping

Less than 2 months from now, Its Black Friday again. As a shopify merchant, It is a day to compete with fellow online sellers. Everyone is marking their calendar now for November 23, 2018.

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Decorate your Home, Upgrade your Ride

What are you thinking for a change?

Are you thinking of decorating your home? Is it time to upgrade and accessories your ride? Get a new gadget or buy something new for your ride? What’s keeping you not have all these things?

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Aromatherapy Oil Humidifiers for Home Decoration

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What is the Best Upgrade for your Car?

The question is, What kind of upgrade are you up to? Are you a DIY troubleshooting and repair obsessed car owner? If so, Why don’t you take a second thought on having a Car OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool for professional for your own use? Car OBD2 Diagnostic Tools now are very popular at all for one click shop. A very impressive car analyzing scan tool that use by most professional mechanic, Car automotive shop and some car owners. You can have them too at best value offer. But first, What is a Car diagnostic scan tool for? Car Diagnostic Scan tool easily detect faults on car engines on board computer. It works from any car year models from 1996 up to the latest models in the market today. Better than ratchet, More reliable than multi tester that works only with currents and volts. With OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool, You can diagnose your car anytime by following the detailed instruction manual that comes along with the OBD2 Tool. For free shipping delivery get your first OBD2 Scan tool at online gmall now! Click HERE for more info:

Car Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool
OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool

Genuine Leather Messenger Bags for Men

Messenger Genuine Leather BagsMessenger Bag

Selecting the right messenger bag for men needs practicality. How much can you invest in a leather messenger bag? What gadgets and other stuffs are you going to put into. What kind of occasion do you intend to use for?

Check on the description for each compartment what items could you possibly put in. Men’s messenger bags are quite useful and trendy. This article may help you find or select which bag is suitable or you. What type of leathers meet your budget. Here are some facts. Quality bags that are made to last longer than any other type of material bags. With genuine leather, its trend never faded. Classic.

Genuine Leathers Bags Quality

Is it the brand name? Any genuine leather bags designed with quality. Durability is quality! Aside from that, Leather bags comes with different colors and unique features. Depending on your needs, genuine leather bags not really necessarily expensive. This article will help you find some top quality material made genuine leather messenger bags. Click here to see more on genuine leather bags for men that offered online. You can get them a real best prices for a good leather bags of your choice.

Crossbody or Shoulder Genuine Leather Bags

What ever you need and what ever you do. Genuine leather bags designed with versatility. College students, Professional or men in a business ventures. If your interest is longevity of usage, Get the genuine leather bags. Its trendy, vintage and or even elegant. It creates a good impression on you and to your whole personality. This is the most common belief to ourselves whenever we stepped out from home for work. We should be in the top or good looking outfits.

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Car OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

Why are Diagnostic Tools for Cars Important?

Diagnostic Tool
One of the most reliable diagnostic tools so far!

Diagnostic scanner serve a very useful role in analyzing DTC’s or Data Trouble codes. I believe that having a reliable diagnostic scan tool is very important to every car owners who have interest in DIY repairs and troubleshooting to their own cars.

I once managed 2 diesel engine passenger cars for almost a decade. Now, I drive a Hyundai Grand Starex van with CRDI diesel engine. Before that, I don’t know more about cars, Not much knowledge on how to maintain car engines. How to troubleshoot defects. I just bring them to mechanic only when trouble were severe and status going to break down! I should have been avoided cozy rebuild or General overhaul.

How did a car diagnostic tools change my point of view?

My point of view changes when I bought my first basic type OBD2 diagnostic scan tool. My personal experienced and supervision to every engine overhaul done to all my passenger cars turns out into a real knowledge and theory how an engine run. Added by online researches collecting previous experiences and trouble shooting done by expert mechanic online.

OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner or Analyzer Tool

For me, Having a professional diagnostic tool as trouble analyzer is a relief. I find it more economical to everyone especially if you own more than two cars. You don’t need to go to a car diagnostic center anymore just to locate and pinpoint your car check engine light source. OBD2 diagnostic scan tool do it all just like a smartphone that needs a user, that’s what OBD2 diagnostic scan tool are all about. Once code is analyzed, You can now buy the spare parts you need and have them replace by a trusted mechanic or you can do it by your self. Car OBD2 diagnostic tool can be use anytime, even during one complete driving cycle for on board monitor test. But never do it alone!

The Second Generation On Board Diagnostic or OBD2 tools

For newer car, this is really the best opportunity to have your own personal OBD2 diagnostic tool, It is also the best time to do the initial test as per manufacturer’s data parameters setting and save it for later comparisons.

Now a day, OBD2 diagnostic tools is one of the most considered and reliable DTC reader for modern cars. It is use by most professional mechanics and car automotive centers. I personally used it for my own cars aside from the official maintenance schedule.

What Car Models Does OBD2 Diagnostic tool works?

OBD2 (On Board Diagnostic Second Generation) works on any OBD2 compliant cars from year model 1996 and latest.

Get your personal OBD2 diagnostic tools scanner now at best prices. Click HERE to see for more available models of OBD2 diagnostic tools online. Select your preferred OBD2 models base on your needs and budget.

How to locate your Car’s OBD2 connection?

OBD2 ports is located underneath your car dashboard. You can find it near the steering wheel base over the brake pedal of your car drivers side. It has 16 pins DLC (Data Link Connector)ports that is compatible for most Asian, some on American and European car models. 14 pins for BMW.

Make sure that you’ll see the 16 pins ports before you commit to have one.

How does OBD2 diagnostic scanner tools works?

In modern cars, trouble codes are stored in Engine Computer Unit or Electronic Control Unit (ECU). When some of the vital parts that are monitored by electronic sensors fails or reading become out of its normal range, these sensor feed it into engine computer system and same will trigger a warning light from your car cluster by turning on the Check Engine Lights or MIL Malfunction Indicator Light. But don’t worry, let OBD2 diagnostic tool do the all scanning. On this OBD2 model, You don’t need to browse and search detected ode from the internet. Its all included there.

How to scan your Car using OBD2 diagnostic tools?

Scanning has never been easier. There are 2 ways to scan your car using the reliable OBD2 diagnostic tools. When OBD2 is connected to Car OBD2 ports, choose either one of the following:

KOEO – Key On Engine Off

KOER – Key On Engine Running

Then follow the on board testing procedures. OBD2 Diagnostic tools & DTC readers comes with a very detailed instruction manual including online updates. The perfect user friendly Car tools for every Car owners and Car enthusiasts. Interested? Click HERE to have one for your Car. Limited stocks for a DHL delivery. Shipping included*.

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