Car LED Headlights Bulb

Is it really necessary to replace Car Headlight Bulbs with LED bulbs? If you find yourself driving at night is better than driving during daylight, Yes! Is your vision clear enough to see the road, road curvature ahead or road improvement signages? If not so due to low brightness of your existing headlight bulbs, YourContinue reading “Car LED Headlights Bulb”

Use the Car Portable Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Portable Vacuum Cleaner You clean your car everyday, wash it every time when it become dirty, You wipe the dashboard when accumulated dust is thick. How effective is your cleaning? Did you get rid of all the dirts and dust? Or did the car wash service center did the good cleaning job? Cleaning yourContinue reading “Use the Car Portable Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner”

Full Grain Genuine Leathers

Why Full Grain Genuine Leathers? There’s a lot of leather grades available in the market or online shop. Full grain leather has the highest grade of all leathers. The most common is the famous top grain and genuine leather materials. That is why the prices of a full grain leathers are higher compare to theContinue reading “Full Grain Genuine Leathers”

Full Grain Genuine Leather

Full Grain Leather What’s with full grain genuine leather? why is so called the best among leathers? Think about the thickness of the normal cow leather or the layers of the processed leather. The full grain leather is the best grade leather as this type of leather wasn’t altered or refined. Thus resulting to aContinue reading “Full Grain Genuine Leather”

Black Friday Shopping

Less than 2 months from now, Its Black Friday again. As a shopify merchant, It is a day to compete with fellow online sellers. Everyone is marking their calendar now for November 23, 2018. This is one of the biggest shopping day for online shoppers worldwide. How can a newly develop online shop compete withContinue reading “Black Friday Shopping”

What are the common cause of Gastritis and or Duodenitis? What foods that are good relief of Gastritis?

This first and second symptoms of a Gastritis and Duodenitis. Before the first symptom, I love to eat spicy food very often, sour food, red meat (medium or well cooked), Vegetable salads, White cheese, yellow Cheese (Mozzarella) buttered salted foods not to mention the early morning Coffee Cappuccino on an empty stomach after a glassContinue reading “What are the common cause of Gastritis and or Duodenitis? What foods that are good relief of Gastritis?”

Skyroam Solis Global Wifi and Powerbank

Have you ever heard the Skyroam Global Wifi? How many times do you buy a sim card in one complete contract? Let say every port? Skyroam Solis Global Wifi will solve that simcard demand for every seafarer out there in every port! See how a 3G connection inside a ship cabin. How much more ifContinue reading “Skyroam Solis Global Wifi and Powerbank”

Genuine Leather Messenger Bags for Men

Messenger Genuine Leather Bags Selecting the right messenger bag for men needs practicality. How much can you invest in a leather messenger bag? What gadgets and other stuffs are you going to put into. What kind of occasion do you intend to use for? Check on the description for each compartment what items could youContinue reading “Genuine Leather Messenger Bags for Men”

Car OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

Why are Diagnostic Tools for Cars Important? Diagnostic scanner serve a very useful role in analyzing DTC’s or Data Trouble codes. I believe that having a reliable diagnostic scan tool is very important to every car owners who have interest in DIY repairs and troubleshooting to their own cars. I once managed 2 diesel engineContinue reading “Car OBD2 Diagnostic Tool”

Welcome! From Paris to Marseille France

  Bienvenue a Paris! After a 2 continuous flight via Qatar Airways Flt A380 from Manila to Paris Via HIA Qatar. I landed in Paris! The first time to fly on one of the biggest aircraft in history. The next was interesting, I took the TVG train all the way down farthest south to MarseilleContinue reading “Welcome! From Paris to Marseille France”

OBD2 Diagnostic Tools – Autel 519A

Car OBD Scanner Car models are now equipped with electronic control technologies that are more a than mechanically controlled cars. These datas are transferred to a computer system from a sensors. Sometime sensors tends to fail. If you have trouble locating your car Malfunction Indicator Lights Or hesitant bringing your car in automotive centers dueContinue reading “OBD2 Diagnostic Tools – Autel 519A”

Reshma Optical – Padre Paterno Street Quiapo, Manila

If you’re looking for an affordable or high end optical products, I recommend Reshma Optical supply. Taken from the owner’s name Madam Reshma. It’s been my 3rd time visits in their shop. The shop size is not as big as we think but it is enough to supply our needs. How to get there? ItContinue reading “Reshma Optical – Padre Paterno Street Quiapo, Manila”

Hidden Valley Spring Resorts – Calauan Alaminos Laguna Philippines

Are you planning for a week end getaway and stay away from city’s air pollution? But fed up on searching online where to stay? I recommend Hidden Valley Spring and experience a tropical rainforest adventures. Trekking to Hidden Falls. Swim on a warm pool. Soak in a cold water fall at Soda pools I andContinue reading “Hidden Valley Spring Resorts – Calauan Alaminos Laguna Philippines”

Nano Beach, Calatagan Batangas

Nano beach is located south of Stilts beach resorts. It takes only 15 to 20 minutes economical drive from the main road just after we exited from Stilts beach resorts Sta Ana, Calatagan Batangas. If you’re looking for an affordable overnight experience without air conditioning system, Old style Nipa Hut cottage? It was a generousContinue reading “Nano Beach, Calatagan Batangas”