Keeping Fit Doesn’t Totally Keep You Safe from the Risk of Back Pain, You Need a More Efficient System…

Lower Back Pain Relief Revealed.

There are thousands of misconceptions that come with leading a healthy lifestyle and working out. Get a set of perfectly sculpted abs and an impeccable body and BOOM! People think you are Superman without a cape, and thus inevitably indestructible and completely free from all sickness and diseases, back pain included.

Well thank the heavens for the experienced health enthusiasts like Pilates instructor Kimberly Clark, who insists that no one is truly safe from the snare of the devious back pain, regardless of whether or not you are a gym bunny, moderately sized or overweight.

According to Kim, around 80% of all adults will experience back pain during their lifetime” YIKES… doesn’t sound like good news right? Well, hold on, there is a solution.

Kim further explains that back pain can stem from so many causes citing some conditions such as sciatica, sprains/strains, traumatic injuries and so on as major pointers that support the theory of back pain not being an exclusive affair to overweight people.

Kim wasn’t an overweight person, however she found herself hopelessly struggling with severe back pain that eventually took a heavy toll on other aspects of her life and inhibited her in so many ways;

“As my pain continued to get worse and worse, eventually my work performance started to suffer” she recalls “I spent weeks on full bed rest… it was one of the worst times of my entire life. I remember lying in bed all day long, barely thinking, barely feeling anything other than wave after wave of pain”

The Back In Action

She goes on to recount how back pain made her so irritable around her loved ones “when my children would come home from school and play downstairs, I would shout at them to keep the noise down. When my husband would ask if there was anything he could do to help, I told him to leave me alone… I was an absolute nightmare for the people I cared about most.”

After consulting and making endless trips to the doctors (who couldn’t find anything wrong with her and thus couldn’t recommend a surgical procedure) Kim decided she was done with the pain and it was time to seek out a more effective solution that could PERMANENTLY stop the back pain.

Painkillers could only do so little, so she did her homework. Kim searched and dug for answers and on a good day, she discovered a system that has proved effective in taming back pain and receiving complete relief from the condition.

The system is called the BACK IN ACTION system; she calls it a “single routine that doesn’t take more than a few minutes to complete” this program is a system that functions on three core principles – posture, stretching and breathing.

To read more about Kimberly’ remarkable story and gain access to the BACK IN ACTION system, visit her site; HERE (VIDEO)

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