Breakthrough: Back Pain Sufferers Groundbreaking Discovery Could Eliminate the Need of Painkillers and Even Surgery…

Back pain continues to be a regularity when it comes to human life on planet Earth, it is something that can not completely be avoided due to one cause or another and today with the alarming rate at which it increases, one can only hope and pray for a complete solution to this dilemma.

Back pain could either be a mild affair or a chronic one and according to data obtained from Carey and Freburger from the National Institute of Health “more than 80 percent of Americans will experience an episode of low back pain at some time in their lives” – this is a frightening statistic for a country! It inevitably means that back pain is a condition that unlike popular belief, won’t just affect those who are “unhealthy” or “overweight” and “old” it can affect anyone and can be caused by multiple reasons.

The main question now becomes “how do I make my back hurt less?”

Fitness enthusiast and Pilates instructor Kimberly Clark has uncovered a groundbreaking system that could completely eliminate back pain and allow people to live without being incapacitated by any form of pain whatsoever.

This system is called the BACK IN ACTION program; this system was discovered while she was dealing with all the awful side effects that came with back pain and the ensued heavy medications and endless doctor appointments.

Kimberly unravelled a mystery that could potentially deliver a whole lot of people from the entrapment of back pain and set them on a new road to rediscovery. She first talks about some of the many myths and rumours that are associated with back pain and shatters so many claims that back pain is mostly caused due to injury or not living a healthy lifestyle.

She says “this misinformation is responsible in part for the millions of people who are in pain today” further noting that “it is my personal mission to dispel these myths and show you how to kick your pain to the curb and start living the pain-free life that you really deserve.”

The BACK TO ACTION system has been tested by Kimberly herself, who has a powerful story to share about how back pain nearly ruined her life by making her body unbearably painful to function. Like everyone with a back pain, she relied heavily on prescription pills and painkillers but all proved to be ineffective.

It is important to remember that these drugs are only treating the symptoms of your back pain and not the cause” however this new discovery called BACK TO ACTION focuses on three major elements; posture, stretching and breathing.

It is a three-part video series featuring easy to do exercises, tips and even meal plans  that could give you total independence of your back again – no further need of drugs or the fear of surgery!

To find out more about this revolutionary discovery please visit Kimberly’s website by clicking the link below. or HERE

The Back In Action

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