Train How To Fly A Drone with Camera | Capture Your First Drone Aerial Photograph.

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You’ll be able to learn how to fly a drone without even going to drone academy for training.

First, Buy a Cheap Drone Online or from any other web shop in the internet. You can find a lot of cheap drones online. Google it and type in cheap drone with camera, Drone or Drones. Anything that come to your mind about drone. Google will direct you to the right online seller of drones. Be sure to buy a drone with camera built in in order to train both flying while capturing drone photographs.

Cheap drones is a worry less gadget. Unlike like the expensive drone. You don’t have to worry about crashing a drone. Some drones comes with incomplete instruction manual or even not with english language.

You’re not yet sure where can you find online a cheap camera drones with complete instruction manual? I may help you with that! Click HERE to see more on drone details. Drone prices, Drone flying time and more. This is where I bought my first drone. It delivers 30 days after my online purchase. I pick it up at post office. I bought it for Free Shipping.

When you already bought your first drone, Learn the basic drone take off, drone landing, drone flipping and drone camera capture using either iPhone or drone remote controller.

Download the drone app to work with iPhone. Drone always comes with instruction manual on how to download the right app for the right drone. Drone can work with wifi, be sure all this things should be done first before you’re ready to do your first drone take off.

Remember, to operate your drone in an open space area, drone needs wide spaces and free from any vertical obstructions. Drone flying time last for 7 to 10 minutes. It may take longer depend on the duration of each operation. Drone can be plug and charge to any laptop computer. Plug first the drone charging cable, when red light on, plug the drone rechargeable battery pack. Drone has detachable battery back. Charging time may take 2 to 3 hours . Red light goes off indicates battery reach its full charged.

Power on the drone, after power is on, calibrate it by following the instruction manual. It’s time to learn how to take off and land a drone.

Drone flying is a trial and error. I crashed my drone 5 times before I made my first took off smoothly. You may crash your drone too. It’s normal as you’re still training process.

In an open air space, don’t be afraid taking your drone to higher level than electric wires and trees that maybe present, you don’t want to end up your drone on top of the trees? No. Try turning to the left and right easily. Study the drone reaction every time you move a button or jolly stick. Observe the drone camera where it is facing by turning left and right. Try the button forward and backward slowly.

Take note. Drone training is also ideal in very low wind force.

Cheap drone are light, be sure to follow the drone restriction before you put your drone in the air. Now try landing your drone, before you turn the button down for landing, make sure it goes down as you expect it. If not turn the button to opposite direction.

Drone flying needs your self adaptation from the drone performance. Remember, you’re the drone pilot to your own drone. Work as a team and don’t exceed restriction of the drone. Have sa safe flight.

Disclaimer: Above information based on my self training experience using cheap drone only. I don’t have any professional certification and training expertise. Any damage to property, accident or cause of injury or death is sole responsibility of the drone user. Local laws and regulation in flying drone may apply. Like what you read?Please share it on your facebook timeline.

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