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Does Affiliate program still a way to earn passive income this year?

Are you an Influencer? Digital Marketer or Free Lance marketer who are looking for another way to earn money Online? Join Online GMall’s Affiliate program for FREE!

What Do you Need To Become an Affiliate Marketer?

Be a registered member on the program. You have the Time for Social Media engagement, you have some numbers of friends, relatives and followers in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Best if you’re a member to multiple Facebook group who are offering the same business. Be active online, increase your social media presence and make some buzz.

How Do You Earn Being An Affiliate Marketer of one Company?

When you’re a member of the team, You’ll be automatically provided a referral code or link code. All you need to do is REGISTER HERE first. You’ll need this unique referral code to lead customers or people to the Web shop who have potential to make their purchase. Once a referred customers made a successful purchase from the shop. You are eligible for a 10% Standard Affiliate Commission. Is that sound free and easy?

How Do You Get Paid When You Earn Your Commission?

You must have a PayPal Account for easy and faster transaction to receive Payment. Registration to PayPal is free and easy. Do you have an account in PayPal? Visit and register there. Paypal terms and condition applies. Your PayPal account is required to receive your commissions.

How Can You Monitor Your Earnings As An Affiliate Member of Online GMall.

Login to your registered affiliate account at Online GMall and view your Affiliate Dashboard. Monitor your email inbox or spam inbox to make sure that you don’t miss any promotion and important announcement from the Shop.

Convert your multiple Social media into a passive income! Be an Affiliate Marketer and start earning profits now! Get your affiliate link code. You are welcome to join the team! First, be a member then refer your friends to be a member too! Register HERE to complete your membership. Remember, registration is free and easy!

For more details, contact or send us a message at or visit our Web Shop Website at to check our products.

To keep updated, Please Follow our Facebook page Online GMall, Twitter Account Online GMall Instagram Olgmall_georgepagui / Online Gmall.

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A Sailor, Master Mariner by Profession, And a Digital Affiliate Marketer

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