The Skyroam Solis Global Wifi – The Fastest Portable LTE Hotspot

Skyroam SolisWiFi everywhere for Everyone! Stay connected with fast data connection worldwide up to 120 Countries.

As a sailor, Data connection is always a big deal. Every port we visited we hope that a data sim card is always available for purchase. Oil tanker vessel berth are always located a little bit farther than any other terminals for other type of ships.

With skyroam global wifi, I have always 4G connection.

I bought this thru online. Interested? Click here to get one and check for details. Start getting rid of those sim cards now. Changing sim every port is sometimes annoying. For a value of $9 per 24 hours day-pass. You will probably enjoy the 4G connection if you buy the skyroam solis model. And wait, there’s more! It is not only a wifi but its also a power bank. It’s a 2 in 1 package.

Get your skyroam global wifi now and be connected around the world with no roaming charges. This is a must have gadget for every seafarers who always and routinely travels around the world. It has virtual sim that can be connected up to 120 countries coverage around the world. You’ll never buy another sim card again. You can check the country of coverage on their website.

As I manage an ecom-business and data connection is the main factor for my routine updates, Skyroam is my partner in business, Family and friends communication. Try it and you’ll see the difference. Get easy connection anywhere, By land as well as by Sea.

The skyroam global wifi is also for Seafarers. Click here to purchase. skyroam

WiFi in a Car? Get Skyroam Solis

Skyroam Global wifi

Inside a car, Skyroam was my connection in Seoul South Korea during family travel and tour.

What’s new with Skyroam? You can now choose a 1 month subscription for only 1GB for only $9. What about it? For sailors you can click HERE to see more info about skyroam solis glabal wifi.


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