Take care of Ourselves

The Importance of Health – Take care of yourself.

Watch out for ourselves, By watching our own health, we can maintain it well. We can improve our creativity, and discover our hidden and yet to discover talents.

It’s a domino effect that will improve one’s productivity, good awareness, fulfillment and relationship with our clients, friends and familes.

These are good behaviors in keeping ourselves to deal with more challenges that may cross our paths.

So, there is only one thing we need to do over anything else.

Take care of ourselves.

Why is so important to take care of ourselves?

To be phisically and mentally ready for any inadvertent situations.

Improve productivity and creativity.

We can manage to help others too.

Have you ever experienced bad things during your working hours in everyday life, where your health had a positive or negative effect responding issues and adversities?

Remember, over any other matter, taking care of yourselves should be our main priority. The best way is to have a goal doing it.

The SMART goal!





Time Binding

Example number 1, The last new year’s eve you set the goal of starting a physical exercise to lose some weight until April. You decided to start running on the treadmill for 15 minutes, twice a week and then lifting some weights. Is this goal SMART?

Specific goal as you have decided how you will achieve the weight loss. Example: By exercise instead of diet.

Measurable outcome as weight loss is an objective measure of progress. Achievable goal for you as you decided to exercise in a reasonable time which is twice a week. Relevant to your self as you want to lose some weight. Time-Binding as you set a deadline until April.

How can we apply it into our own work or company? Citing an example below is a trial on how to set a SMART plan. You may have a better understanding.

Example number 2, On the first day of January 2019, you set a goal of having a profitable business until May 2019 by investing $200 in Ads. Is this plan SMART?

It is Specific goal as you gonna spend $200 to have profitable business. It is also a Measurable as the outcome is profitable.

Achievable as you set it at a reasonable time on monthly budget. The goal is Relevant to your plan as you want some profit. Time-Binding as you have set the deadline until May 2019.

Given your work, eating and rest routine pattern on your workstation, Think of one goal for better caring for you self.


Phisical and Mental health are interconnected and it is important to maintain both on stable condition.

Being Physically fit, You must have enough sleep and good diet. It is important to let our brains rest. When person is at rest the brain is able to process experiences, which helps us improve our ability to solve and responds to challenges or even during emergency situation.

Remember, it is only ourselves that benefits our selves, the people we love and people around us. Goal of self-caring is the basis of taking care of ourselves.

Credit to source:

The idea of this article is sourced out from a training module called Resilience. I disclaimed full credit whatever informative lessons learnt from it. For more information, visit Thenamaris Seafarers Academy or email them at pd@thenamaris.com THENAMARIS-How shipping should be.

George Aguilor is a Sailor, Serving as Master on-board Thenamaris Ships Management Inc. Visit his website : allforoneclickshop.com

The official website of Online GMall FB page.

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