DVR Camera

Why is it that Car DVR rear view Camera Installation is important?

DVR is not the same as DVD or video player that can be use for watching movies or playing music. Basically, Its not also a part of car entertainment system. DVR Camera is only use as an additional safety feature that should be installed in any car. The encouragement of higher resolution DVR camera is to have a better recording results in case data stored in the DVR are use for investigation after a car accident. A wider angle of the DVR screen isn’t also advisable as this is intended only for recording not for viewing or any other means. The ideal screen size of a DVR Camera should not be more than 6 inches. A wider LCD screen pose a potential distraction to the driver. The location of installation should be placed above the driver’s head where DVR camera is able to monitor ahead or rear view of the car. The rear view mirror is the best position where DVR camera should be installed. It is far away from the driver’s eye while driving. This unit comes with additional camera for rear view monitor. If you are looking for a clear and high definition recording DVR camera base on customers recent reviews and satisfaction, Get your DVR camera at all for one click shop or click HERE to view more on car gadgets.

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