How to avoid Headaches, Migraine, Dizziness and Vertigo in a natural way?

Headache, Migraine, Dizziness, and Vertigo. Why do we feel all that pains sometimes?

There is only one basic reason why we all experienced those pains and feelings from time to time. We are not consuming at least 8 glasses of water a day!

According to Scientific studies, Our body needs at least 8 glasses of water or 300 to 350ml everyday.

A human body contains 70% of water on a normal level while the brain has 80%.

There are outlined ways why and how we lost water content or decreased the percentage of water from our body:

By means of talking, We reproduce saliva through continuous talking resulting the decrease water level in our body.

By means of sweating, even a simple Pee and Poo 💩. Some of us aren’t aware that vices like cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking doubles the loss of body fluids. This include all night watches jobs (pagpupuyat). Cigarette smoke and alcohol burnt body fluids. We call it DEHYDRATION!


To replenish the loss of fluids from our body, We need to rehydrate, We can only achieve it by drinking 8 glasses of water đź’¦ every day religiously!

Take note: juices, ice tea, soup, soft drinks or coffee are not included!

Now a days, Most member of the families can no longer consume the minimum 8 glasses of water a day.

If this continues, The percentage of water level (70%) in our body continuously decreases. Lower percentage of water level, is lower blood viscosity or low of gravity. Our body will become ACIDIC. At this point any illnesses can attack our system anytime. If we could only maintain the very simple 8 glasses of water everyday ever since, Our blood alkalinity should be maintained.

Now take note on this, very low percentage of water in our system means low of gravity blood. As brain is in the highest part of our body and due to low gravity of blood, circulation is too slow and blood is insufficient enough to reach into our brain cells. In this case, Our head will complain. This is the point where headache, migraine, dizziness or Vertigo symptom triggers.

The good news is that having this four pains doesn’t really need medication, In fact by simply drinking 8 glasses of water a day, all these pains could have been avoided.

Why do we take a bath everyday? To our belief is to clean our outer body, we love to keep our body clean everyday as part of our hygiene.

The hard truth: We can consume 20 to 40 L of water when we took a bath. But we can’t consume 8 glasses of water a day to clean our inner body? Is that for real? Yes and we should change that now!

Another Truth: Most people can’t eat without sodas (Soft drinks as an example), Juices or Coffee. Can’t have snacks without it as well.

Here is one funny thing, some part of the soda or soft drinks spilled out into our skin, We certainly wash it immediately while in fact we are drink it refreshingly! We even let our kids drink it too! Come to think on what liquids we are giving to ourselves and to our families?

To summarize it, live a healthy life by simply drinking minimum 8 glasses a day, Make it habit too like taking a bath everyday. Do that for the rest of our lives and we are in the path of living a healthy and hydrated life.

Source: Youtube: A presentation of Filipino Doctor downloaded online Finally its from Doc Atoie Arboleda

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