What is the effect of Menhaden fish to Ships Engine Central Coolers in Galveston Houston Ship Channel?

A million of menhaden fish clogged Ship’s engine Water central cooler strainer.

July 15, 2018 – Houston Ship Channel Fairway.

We are a vessel with half of our cargo in transit. It happened during our south east bound transit at Galveston Houston Ships Channel from Kinder Morgan Terminal, Galena Park to Galveston outer anchorage when engineers noted a slight rise on main engine temperatures slightly higher than normal.

The seasonal presence of Menhaden fish along the channel pose a real danger to all ships transiting the Houston Ship Channel.

It affects mainly the Ship Main Engine Central cooling systems due to heavy clogs.

Upper suction sea chest clogged heavily

As you can see in the photos. This is the condition of upper sea chest suction strainer after our transit.

We carried out a thorough inspections on both strainers. We cleaned, de-clogged both strainers in order to be ready for the next transit northwest bound to Kinder Morgan Terminal.

All passing vessels in the area should exercise an extra caution during transit along the area of Galveston, Houston Ship Channel especially when engine status are ordered to full RPM.

Menhaden fish clogged Central Cooler strainer

The upper sea-chest suction level clogged very badly by Menhaden fish. Our Engineers who were always alert during our passage were obliged to switched the central cooler system suction sea chest to the lower sea chest.

Lower suction sea chest strainer

The photo represents the status of lower sea chest suction strainer after our transit.

In view of the above, We intend to use the lower suction of sea chest then switch back again to higher suction level once we pass the Houston Ships Channel fairways.

To be continue

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