Stilts Beach Resorts at Calatagan Batangas

Searching for a getaway week end beach experience? Stilts beach resorts is one my recommended place as we head just been there!

Stilts beach resorts is located 145km from Manila. Under the municipality of Calatagan, Batangas Philippines.

How to get there? By private transportation, We exited at Santa Rosa South Luzon Expressway via Tagaytay city. It was a wrong exit actually, We should exited at MCX then took the Daang Hari road, Molino and turn left in Aguinaldo highway or Via Amadeo,Cavite.

Stilts poolStilts offer an alternative swimming pools of your choices and the beach itself. Probably the kids will enjoy it as they preferred the fresh water rather than the taste of the sea.

Stilts BeachEnjoy the semi crystal clear cold water as far as 100 meters and 4 feet deep. The bottom composed of pure sands and some parts are weeds. Don’t mind the seaweed as they’re harmless.

Stilts sandsIf you’re fond of white sands, Stilts beach resorts can offer you the same. It isn’t exactly the same as Boracay fine sands but at least it’s almost close to it. You can still enjoy the natural view as there is no fixed and bigger establishment that may contaminate the water.

The cottages rates click here to lead you to their website. A thing of Beauty, Nature, Peace, blessings, Dreams, Wishes? All this Stilts Beach resorts can possibly offer.

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