Is Ecommerce for sailors too?

Life on board an Oil Tanker vessel without the help of social media is too difficult. I got my employment onboard wayback 1993 when post mail was only the main communication with our families and friends. It takes weeks or even months before we can established a question and answer flow of communications. That was acceptable as in it was the only way! Satellite communication was too expensive to use except if it necessarily needed.

Social media helps us a lot in terms of continuous communication with our families and friends. Our communication means mainly through Facebook, Messenger and emails. Life is easier with these platforms.

How about Ecommerce? In the beginning, I used to buy online. Whenever i have data connections, I searched many things online. I search through Google any keywords of my interest. With google, I can find almost anything! From car trouble shooting, Men’s accessories or even things to resell online.

As a sailor, not so many have interest in having business online. Whenever I am on vacation, I started selling online refurbished and second hand items. I register on a local buy and sell site, Post pictures and make a deal.

Things changed, I launched my first online store on June 2017. Online Gmall is powered by shopify. I started on trial account until I discovered the suitability for me as an active sailor. I decided to launched officially.

I would say, Ecommerce is for everyone even for me as a sailor in profession. I started with a very limited knowledge managing online business but as the time, days and months pass by, I learned many things and even visualized the potentiality of ecommerce to any sailor who have interest in online business is very considerable.

About online Gmall. It is manage by an active master mariner, A sailor by profession who sell online car gadgets, Men’s clothing, women’s outfit, Home decors and many more.

To see more in about Online Gmall, visit us at or like our FB page:


Click here to see more on our products.

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A Sailor, Master Mariner by Profession, And a Digital Affiliate Marketer

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